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Visual Novel: Can I Do It?

Weird question ba? Yeah, I know. Kahit ako, medyo na-weird-uhan. Uy, hindi ganoon kadaling magsulat ng story for a visual novel, ah. Lalo na kung maraming choices talaga. Pero gusto kong subukan. And I'm planning to write it in English. Oo na. Pahihirapan ko na naman ang sarili ko. May bago ba? Ang dami kong… Continue reading Visual Novel: Can I Do It?

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[Random Thoughts] Entry #7

Good evening! Well, this is new. Greeting everyone like this. I’m not sure if I could keep up with doing this, though. anyway, I’ll try to do so. But I surely can’t promise anything about this. It’s kind of tough doing it, to be honest. Especially now that things are a little unsure for me… Continue reading [Random Thoughts] Entry #7

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The Sunday Currently |19|

Seriously, I am not going to ask anymore about the last time I wrote a Sunday Currently entry. ‘Cause honestly, I grew tired of doing that for now. I’ve never actually maintained a blog in my life and by now, I’m sure I’ve already lost what few “readers” I have—if I ever had any. But… Continue reading The Sunday Currently |19|

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[Random Thoughts] Entry #5

I’m losing my touch. That’s all I’m going to say about this particular day. I don’t know what to do anymore except to mope around and think that maybe I made the wrong decision after all. It’s not exactly easy to remain optimistic all the time when one negativity after another keeps arriving and surrounding… Continue reading [Random Thoughts] Entry #5