The Sunday Currently |23|

Yup. And I just realized as I typed this down that today is Sunday. Just great. Anyway, no mentions of how long has it been since I wrote something like this because honestly speaking, I don't want to know at all. Any updates from me? You could say that there's a lot for me to... Continue Reading →


The Sunday Currently |22|

So for the past week, I haven't been able to properly write anything aside from Tweets and IG captions. That means I haven't been able to write one-shots for the #365OneshotStoryChallenge2018. Man, where have my inspiration and writing muse gone to? I was even enthusiastic while I was planning and had started writing these one-shots.... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |21|

This is me again for another Sunday Currently blog post! Well, at least I'm trying to keep up from all of those Sundays that I never got to post something like this. There were a lot of that last year, you know. In any cade, let's start! So this Sunday, I'm currently... Reading: The one-shot... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |20|

So while everyone (or not) are hyped up about the coronation night for #BbPilipinas2018, I decided to do this instead while still contemplating on how to finish the scheduled one-shot for today. So let's start, shall we? So currently, I'm: Reading: Tweets coming from various tokusatsu actors I follow. Though to be honest, there was... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |19|

Seriously, I am not going to ask anymore about the last time I wrote a Sunday Currently entry. ‘Cause honestly, I grew tired of doing that for now. I’ve never actually maintained a blog in my life and by now, I’m sure I’ve already lost what few “readers” I have—if I ever had any. But... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |18|

Honestly speaking, when was the last time I posted something like this? Man, I really need to remember that. I can't say that I miss writing a Sunday Currently post. But things are a little messed up for md right now, especially on how my life really had a slow progress over the months. There... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently # 17

It’s a freakin’ cold Sunday and I really hate it. I can’t write faster because of it. And yes, you guessed it (or not)! I’m going to complain about the keyboard again. Apparently, I can’t do anything about it. So I might as well do everything to remain patient about this. Who knows? Maybe something... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently # 16

It’s 8:45 in the evening. As usual, I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating. And at the moment, I’m also getting worried about my sister. She hadn’t arrived home yet. I hope nothing bad happens to her. She wasn’t supposed to stay out later than 7 PM. I was just done eating dinner and I... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |15|

Hi! It’s me again. I’m trying to keep up posting something like this every week just to update myself of what had happened over the past 7 days. Despite the terribly depressing week, which I tried not to show in every way I can, I’m still here. You know what I mean. I can’t say... Continue Reading →

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