[Operation: Cloudbreak (Kyuranger Version)] Characters

MAIN CHARACTERS (Cloudbreakers) Lucky – The hyperactive son of the current leader of the Red Fire Casters’ faction and also regarded as one of the strongest Red Fire Caster of the current generation. Unknown to the faction, as a child, he was able to realize his true mission due to a certain “enlightenment” he received—-and... Continue Reading →


A July 20 Birthday Greeting For You!

Yes, I know this is quite late for a birthday greeting here on my blog. And it so happened that today is my father’s birthday, as well. But I’ll do a separate blog post for that later. So this is one of my ‘first things’ I’ve done in my life—greeting a celebrity here on my... Continue Reading →

A Simple Birthday Greeting For You

  I don't know what to say as a birthday greeting to you. As I told in the first birthday greeting to one of your Kyuranger co-star Kishi Yosuke, this is the first time I've done such a thing. And I mean greeting an admired celebrities during their birthdays. But for some reason, I really... Continue Reading →

From A Not-So-Vocal Recent Fan

Is this a weird post coming from me? For now, I don't want to say anything about the reason why I'm posting this for now. I just want to express my thoughts since I can't concentrate on what I'm writing. #DoingThisForTheFirstTime That's the truth. I've been an admirer (not a fan) of many celebrities and... Continue Reading →

A Super Sentai Fan Fiction Plot

Okay. So since I started posting my Super Sentai story on both my Tumblr and Wattpad accounts, I decided to post this particular fanfiction featuring Seitenger and one of my favorite Super Sentai series, Kyoryuger that's been in my mind (and in my flashdrive) for a long time now. Now, I know I only posted... Continue Reading →

Utsuwa Sentai Seitenger: Short List Of Protagonists And Arsenals

SEITENGERS Note: This post will be updated as the story progresses. Carefully chosen to wield the powers of the Heavenly Spirit Guardians, these talented youths combat the Tareans by manipulating their respective elemental powers together with the mystical energy known as Hasureiki (“Lotus Spirit Energy”) using the secret arts called Reikarajutsu (“Spirit Power Technique”). Hiwara... Continue Reading →

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