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[Random Thoughts] Entry #7

Good evening! Well, this is new. Greeting everyone like this. I’m not sure if I could keep up with doing this, though. anyway, I’ll try to do so. But I surely can’t promise anything about this. It’s kind of tough doing it, to be honest. Especially now that things are a little unsure for me… Continue reading [Random Thoughts] Entry #7

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The Sunday Currently |19|

Seriously, I am not going to ask anymore about the last time I wrote a Sunday Currently entry. ‘Cause honestly, I grew tired of doing that for now. I’ve never actually maintained a blog in my life and by now, I’m sure I’ve already lost what few “readers” I have—if I ever had any. But… Continue reading The Sunday Currently |19|

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[Random Thoughts] Entry #5

I’m losing my touch. That’s all I’m going to say about this particular day. I don’t know what to do anymore except to mope around and think that maybe I made the wrong decision after all. It’s not exactly easy to remain optimistic all the time when one negativity after another keeps arriving and surrounding… Continue reading [Random Thoughts] Entry #5

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Chronicles of the Roses

When I was in third year high school (SY 2007-2008), nakabuo ako ng isang series na plano kong isulat noon. Nauso pa noon `yong mga pocketbooks na may 2-3 parts kapag sobrang haba. Hindi tulad ngayon na puwede nang pag-isahin sa iisang book lang. Anyway, nagawa kong halukayin ang mga old files ko sa isang… Continue reading Chronicles of the Roses

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Okay. Mag-Tagalog naman tayo para maiba. Aba’y pulos English na ang mga pinagsususulat ko nitong mga nakaraang posts ko rito, ah. Nakaka-nosebleed lang, ha? Haha! In fairness, na-miss ko ring magsulat ng mga Filipino posts. Nitong mga nakaraang linggo kasi, nag-focus ako sa pagsusulat ng mga stories na pulos English. Alam mo na, isang paraan… Continue reading Pinagkaka-busy-han

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[Random Thoughts] Entry #4

Okay. I managed to post this again after... how many days? Seriously, I don't want to count anymore since it's starting to become irritating. But anyway, I don't know if I have so much to say here. Some are just... uncontainable and can't be put into words for some reason. Dramatic much? Yeah, I know.… Continue reading [Random Thoughts] Entry #4