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If Ever I Fall In Love

I have never loved someone in this time of mine yet For I didn't have a chance to look at those people I've met I might have passed the Christmas and New Year without it Yet my heart completely yearns for it and never in a bit If ever I fall in love with a… Continue reading If Ever I Fall In Love

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A Way To Your Love

I thought I could live fully without falling in love But I guess loving someone is a part that we have We only need to control this blazing feeling So that we won’t end up completely falling I’ve walked and walked around to find you But I think you won’t easily make me through For… Continue reading A Way To Your Love

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The Kiss Of New Year

Reunion, laughter, and joyful tears Even groups who keep drinking beers It’s a scene everyone wants to look upon From sunset of New Year’s Eve till dawn Also, New Year depicts new beginnings New hopes, aspirations, and yearnings Everything’s new for the two young hearts That found each other after years of being apart It’s… Continue reading The Kiss Of New Year