A Way To Your Love

I thought I could live fully without falling in love But I guess loving someone is a part that we have We only need to control this blazing feeling So that we won’t end up completely falling I’ve walked and walked around to find you But I think you won’t easily make me through For... Continue Reading →


The Kiss Of New Year

Reunion, laughter, and joyful tears Even groups who keep drinking beers It’s a scene everyone wants to look upon From sunset of New Year’s Eve till dawn Also, New Year depicts new beginnings New hopes, aspirations, and yearnings Everything’s new for the two young hearts That found each other after years of being apart It’s... Continue Reading →

January’s Story

It’s the month that started the year And vacation’s end also started to come near A month that will start life again And have my blessings be poured like rain But the story I want to show Is about a love that began to flow A love that started by an accidental touching And destiny... Continue Reading →

A Heavenly Love In A Hell-Like World

Now we’re witnessing a world that suffers Because they didn’t notice one emotion that scatters And as the dark clouds covers the blue sky completely I wonder if we could live it like this totally I almost fell in despair when I was lost For I’ve taken a path where I follow a ghost A... Continue Reading →

A Memory Of December

During the time the cold wind starts blowing I couldn’t help my tears to stop from flowing It’s not the happy memories I remember Only those that let my heart cry in December I couldn’t accept that you just left me alone And I found myself staring at the telephone Hoping that you would call... Continue Reading →

Keep Waiting For Love

I’m stuck in a wall of clear glass Connected together so I can’t pass I’m inside of it, watching outside Always missing out the life’s ride But when you came to my life I felt like I’m a saved wife Being battered and had endured enough From a husband that beats so tough I’ve waited... Continue Reading →

My Greatest Regret

I know my love from before Helped me open a new door A door wherein my wishes were fulfilled And a new life I’d be able to build But time has passed, I don’t know why Why’d you have to make me cry? I know I’ve risked everything for love So why’d you let pain... Continue Reading →

Will There Be A Second Chance?

Oh, pain, why can’t you let me go? Why’d you let my heart freeze in the snow? He’s the person I know I should really forget But how come I still feel the regret? I don’t know if there’ll be a second chance When you already heard the clock’s chime Feelings of mine for you... Continue Reading →

An Answered Prayer

Every night, before I go to sleep There’s one wish that I always keep And I usually pray for this wish to come true But I don’t know if I’ll see a clue How will I know if it was answered? `Coz every time, I only see things blurred So every night, I talk to... Continue Reading →

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