[Operation: Cloudbreak (Kyuranger Version)] Characters

MAIN CHARACTERS (Cloudbreakers) Lucky – The hyperactive son of the current leader of the Red Fire Casters’ faction and also regarded as one of the strongest Red Fire Caster of the current generation. Unknown to the faction, as a child, he was able to realize his true mission due to a certain “enlightenment” he received—-and... Continue Reading →


A Super Sentai Fan Fiction Plot

Okay. So since I started posting my Super Sentai story on both my Tumblr and Wattpad accounts, I decided to post this particular fanfiction featuring Seitenger and one of my favorite Super Sentai series, Kyoryuger that's been in my mind (and in my flashdrive) for a long time now. Now, I know I only posted... Continue Reading →

Nerea, The Last Princess Of Adamya

[In spite of the knowledge that Encantadia is about to air its final episode tomorrow after 10 months on the television, what you’re about to read right now is just a fanfiction I thought of for the show ever since the Mulawin Lakan (played by Alden Richards) made an appearance. It was only expanded up... Continue Reading →


This is the short (and maybe a more detailed and spoiler-filled) profile I made for the original characters to appear in my new Kyo Kara Maoh fanfic titled “Beast Knights” that can be read in Fanfiction.Net and my Blogger account. IMPORTANT PEOPLE FROM THE KINGDOM OF ESOVIA Akiyama Mari / Lyall Corliss Amrein Wind and... Continue Reading →


As I browsed my stories posted in FFN, I noticed that I wrote several fanfics with Sakuno as the female lead. Not that I don’t like RyoSaku ones. It’s just that I’m not accustomed to it. Personally, I like her getting paired to a tennis regular other than Ryoma. So now that this came up,... Continue Reading →


Okay. Just earlier, someone left a review on my fanfic story “Tennis Court Murders” about the series’ Part 3 and 4. Honestly, I want to reply to her inquiry. But seeing that she left the review as a guest, it won’t be possible. So I decided to just leave it here since this is my... Continue Reading →

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