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Journal Entry #144 (2020 # 8)

So instead of dwelling with some jerks making a joke about suicide or actually saying to someone to jump off the building, I think it’s better that I do something else. Seriously, what a way to start off 2020, people. And it’s not even funny or encouraging.

Anyway, I purposely skipped a few days of not posting any journal entry here because I’m choosing not to. But even so, I hope you’ll find my entry last night a bit entertaining.

Here goes:


10:57 PM

Okay, seriously! Why is it so freaking cold right now? But then again, what else is new? I should get used to this since I lived and still living in one of tge coldest places in the Philippines. Not to mention, it’s January.

So something’s new on my journal today. I only thought of doing this after I checked on several journal notebooks that I could possibly buy one of these days. I’m not sure for now if I would be able to do so. Anyway, we’ll see. It’s still a matter of having the money to actually buy one of them. The thing is, I want to have a variety of notebooks (thick ones) that I could use as my journal. So, yeah. You could say that it’s one reason why I was kind of interested in looking for potential notebooks to use.

What’s different? I added a ribbon to serve as my marker to the page that I will write on next. And then I placed a garter to serve as the journal’s lock of some sort. Yes, similar to those journal notebooks I saw at NBS. I was able to buy ribbon and garter a while back since my sister asked me to go to the market and buy ingredients for kimchi.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Because of that task, I ended up actually speaking in English for a short while. I still find it funny until now that I saw an Indian/Arabian (still unsure about this one, though) in charge of watching over a Korean store. I was almost embarassed when I realized that he couldn’t speak (and perhaps, even understand) Tagalog as soon as I asked about the gochugaru that I needed to buy since I don’t know what it looks like. Thank goodness, he wasn’t offended on that. He even conversed with me for that short while by asking if I was the one who would be making kimchi. Of course, I told the truth that my sister would be the one making it.

I still have goals that I hoped I can accomplish tomorrow, so I want to write them down after this. Kind of like a habit tracker, I guess. Or not. And that means I’ll be ending this entry here tonight. Good night. 🤗💞


Florence Joyce

NP: “I’d Lie” by Taylor Swift


…in the end, though, I never got to write any of those plans I have for today. Before I knew it, I fell asleep. I guess I was that tired, huh?

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