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New Notebook, More Memories

It’s been a long while since I posted anything here, huh? I’m sorry. I put most of my thoughts on my journal these past months, that’s why. At some point, I post things on my Instagram and in a few cases, self-degrading thoughts on Twitter. But it’s only because I didn’t know where to turn to anymore. Writing down those thoughts did help as a way of releasing it from me, but it’s still not enough. I guess I’m asking for something more. Right now, I still have no idea what it was.

Anyway, because I used my journal as my way of releasing those negative thoughts from my mind, I ended up nearly filling the entire journal with those words. There was a post in my Instagram where I mentioned that I also reached my 100th entry, which had never happened before. I’ve never written that many journal entries in my life until now. Yes, even when I had my diary back in high school.

With that, I bought two notebooks that I could use as my next journal.

They’re really simple, right? I ought to let it be since I’m more concerned about the price than anything else. As you know, I’m unemployed and I only rely to what meager amount of allowance I get for me to use for the whole week. But then, I do have plans of covering the record book with something floral. Maybe I could find a sticker paper with such designs.

I do have one more blank notebook that I initially intended to use as a journal, but I decided against it after some thinking.

This is the one I was talking about here.

Until now, I have no idea what to write here. But I was actually thinking of writing sort of letters to my future “The One”. I know it’s cheesy and at some point, cringey. But hey, it’s a part of me. I’m already 28 and I’m still living my life like a hermit. Maybe the words I wanted to write in this notebook could help me find a way.

One day, this will become a way for that to happen…

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