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The Sunday Currently |27|

Yoohoo! Here I am, writing something like this again. Anyway, at least I have something to write. I’d feel bad if I miss writing a Sunday Currently entry again. Since I’ve written on my journal quite early, I think I should do the same thing here, as well.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:

Reading: The same book as last week. Mister Monday of “Keys to the Kingdom” series by Garth Nix. And yes, I’m still on Book 1. For some reason, I couldn’t find myself continuing to read it the more I go on. But then again, I wanted to finish reading something.

Writing: Beside this entry? Going over the list of characters for my Eight Thorned Blades series. I could only do the characters for now, and it irks me.

Listening: To the Chinese song One Persistent Thought by Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma, which was the opening song of the Chinese drama Scarlet Heart. Yes, the very same Scarlet Heart that Moon Lovers was based on.

Thinking: Of what will happen tomorrow. I know, just weird thinking. I don’t normally do that, you know.

Smelling: The scent of Dove soap still stuck on my face and my hand.

Wishing: That the wishes I wrote on my journal since I started writing there would come true somehow. All those dreams I wrote on paper… I want them to come true once the strongest sign I’ve been waiting will appear.

Hoping: To go to Japan one day. Still an old thinking and perhaps, desire in my heart.

Wearing: My yellow duck-designed sleepwear.

Loving: The videos and clips I’ve been watching about first love, high school love, virtual love, and… Kishida Tatsuya? Yup, not exactly the kind of combination I was expecting before. 😂😂

Wanting: To eat some pizza, for some reason. I don’t know why I’m craving for that, though. 🤔🍕

Needing: To sleep for 8 hours. But my brain seemed to have been wired that I should sleep at past 12 midnight and wake up at 6 in the morning. I could only sigh at that.

Feeling: Giddy and sleepy at the same time. Great… another weird combination. 😒😒

Clicking: On a web drama posted on Dingo K-Drama’s Youtube channel titled Throbbing Virtual Love featuring Kim Min Gyu. Yup, the pic collage below are the episodes of that web drama. Seriously, what is with me watching this? 😂😂

There you go. My 27th entry for Sunday Currently since I started. Till next time!

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