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The Sunday Currently |24|

So I'm writing this at quarter to midnight and I just realized that my last Sunday Currently entry was a year ago—specifically, June 17. Yup, it's been that long and I don't really have any excuse for that. Anyway, here I go. Since I had been writing on my journal since June 14 (?) of… Continue reading The Sunday Currently |24|

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【Book Comment】 “Hidden City Series #1: Lost In The Shadows” by Kyra Wheatley

In any case, I am finally done reading this book after weeks of doing so bits by bits since I got busy with other things. And to think I decided to actually for this book after playing the game version of this story. I've always like playing hidden objects games similar to Hidden City. But… Continue reading 【Book Comment】 “Hidden City Series #1: Lost In The Shadows” by Kyra Wheatley

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Journal Entry # 1

And so I just bought a new notebook (not the usual spring notebook, by the way) because I wanted to start writing journal entries/diary entries once again after a long time. The last time I wrote in a diary was when I was in high school, before I graduated. So here's my entry yesterday. 【June… Continue reading Journal Entry # 1