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Ask My Heart

I never loved anyone in this world that’s so true
Like I have loved a person that I know is you
Love is something precious that I need to take care
When time comes, I’m able to lend it with someone to share

You ask my heart if true love had ever bedn born here
In my heart, I know I hold you so precious and dear
For I’m sure it will answer you only the truth inside
And I won’t let it be conquered and taken by my pride

You ask my heart if I do really care about you
For I’ve never shown it in something that I do
But I can promise to you about one important thing
That I will care for you no matter what life will bring

You ask my heart if I have loved anyone this real
But I’ll answer your question with what I really feel
Only you are the person that I’ve loved this much
And I’ll keep on proving it even if you don’t watch

Just ask my heart if you ever feel unsure of my love
That I’d saved and protected only for your heart to have
Maybe that way, your heart will never worry this much
If you’ll never have my love that only you can catch

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