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If Ever I Fall In Love

I have never loved someone in this time of mine yet For I didn't have a chance to look at those people I've met I might have passed the Christmas and New Year without it Yet my heart completely yearns for it and never in a bit If ever I fall in love with a… Continue reading If Ever I Fall In Love

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Ask My Heart

I never loved anyone in this world that's so true Like I have loved a person that I know is you Love is something precious that I need to take care When time comes, I'm able to lend it with someone to share You ask my heart if true love had ever bedn born here… Continue reading Ask My Heart

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[Random Thoughts] Entry #5

I’m losing my touch. That’s all I’m going to say about this particular day. I don’t know what to do anymore except to mope around and think that maybe I made the wrong decision after all. It’s not exactly easy to remain optimistic all the time when one negativity after another keeps arriving and surrounding… Continue reading [Random Thoughts] Entry #5

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Chronicles of the Roses

When I was in third year high school (SY 2007-2008), nakabuo ako ng isang series na plano kong isulat noon. Nauso pa noon `yong mga pocketbooks na may 2-3 parts kapag sobrang haba. Hindi tulad ngayon na puwede nang pag-isahin sa iisang book lang. Anyway, nagawa kong halukayin ang mga old files ko sa isang… Continue reading Chronicles of the Roses