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[How It’s Supposed To Be] Part 4 (Stinger, Hammie, & Lucky)

A Stinger/Hammie/Lucky fanfiction story, ft. Go-onger’s Kousaka Renn and Sutou Miu. Reversed version of “Staying Silent”.

Days have passed but Hammie could feel that her mind was still in a mess. She couldn’t even calm herself down because of it and it was frustrating her even more. She couldn’t tell if it was a good thing or a bad thing that the Kyulette wasn’t choosing her Kyutama lately to do certain missions, though.

Lucky, on the other hand, had been going on one mission after another these past days that Hammie’s Kyutama wasn’t chosen. For Hammie, she considered it as a blessing in disguise since she won’t get distracted or start feeling awkward because of Lucky’s presence. However, this particular scenario didn’t sit too well with another particular person.

Since their talk that night at the Orion’s bridge, Stinger hadn’t been able to calm himself down for some reason. It was a good thing he was able to hide it from the others or else, it would be a disaster. He didn’t want the others to get agitated or excited over his own issues, especially Champ and Kotaro.

One night, he decided to do his own mulling over by the Orion’s bridge. But before he could even do so, he roamed around the ship to check on two particular people. The first he decided to check on was Hammie. She was in her room, but as he had expected, she wasn’t sleeping. She was just in front of the window, looking outside with her head placed on her hand. She appeared to be in deep thoughts, so he knew she was still doing some comtemplating.

Stinger only shook his head at the sight. When would this girl even come up with a decision? But whether he admit it or not, he was actually fearing the day that Hammie would finally make a choice. He was completely aware of her predicament. But how come he could still give such advice to her when it comes to that? Hadn’t he tortured himself enough?

Before he could even take a step to leave the place where he was watching Hammie, he heard her mutter something.

“Can I still deal with all this?”

It appeared that the problem was much harder for her to deal with than expected. Anyway, since when did emotions become so easy? Even he was having a hard time with regards to it, as well.

He finally left the place and headed to another one where he knew Lucky was currently staying ever since the awkward atmosphere began. He only stood outside the room where Lucky was. As usual, the red warrior was staring outside the glass window where the Voyager hatch could be seen. From Stinger’s position, he could tell that Lucky was looking at the Shishi Voyager. He remembered that, the other night, Lucky was staring at the Chamaeleon Voyager and stayed in the room where that particular Voyager could be seen longer than usual.

It appeared that Lucky was also doing some contemplating on his own. Stinger could only heave an inaudible sigh. His friends seemed to have been thinking too deeply about issues of their own lately. But from his perception, he couldn’t deny that it only meant one thing.

And it was something that Stinger knew was bound to happen should Lucky and Hami finally come up with a decision.

His flow of thoughts was disrupted when he heard Lucky utter some words. It was clear, even from his position.

“Just one chance… to tell her everything…”

So that was it. All that Lucky needed was that one chance.

Stinger left the area before he could even make a noise that would disturb his friend with his own contemplations. And finally, he arrived at the Orion’s bridge. No one was there, thankfully. But the solitary atmosphere of the place was something that only intensified that unnamed emotion currently hovering in his heart because of all that he had observed a while back.

At that point, he remembered the conversation that he and Hammie had nights before. Her last words to her that night before leaving her echoed in his mind, that time she said she hated it when he made his advice sound so easy.

He could only let out a bitter chuckle.

“That’s because you don’t realize I was about to do the same thing…” Stinger whispered, in response to Hammie’s words that night. “I’m going to respect whatever is your decision…”



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