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[How It’s Supposed To Be] Part 2 (Renn & Lucky)

A Stinger/Hammie/Lucky fanfiction story, ft. Go-onger’s Kousaka Renn and Sutou Miu. Reversed version of “Staying Silent”.

What Hammie didn’t know was that all this time, someone was trying to look for her. Lucky noticed that Hammie disappeared even before the rest of the team could call out their Voyagers to head back to the Orion. The others didn’t take long to notice Hammie’s disappearance, either.

But it was Lucky who volunteered to look for her.

Though even with Raptor’s help tracking down Hammie’s Seiza Blaster, Lucky wasn’t still able to locate the ninja for some reason. Okay, given the fact that he was still unfamiliar with the area, but was that supposed to be the reason why he couldn’t locate Hammie?

“She’ll come back, don’t worry.”

Lucky nearly gave out a scream upon hearing that. But what surprised him was the fact that it came from a guy wearing a blue jacket and was smiling at him as if they were friends. For some reason, this guy quite reminded him of Spada.


“If you’re looking for Hammie-chan, she’s just over there talking to a friend of mine.”

“A friend of yours?” How come Lucky didn’t know that? Did Hammie manage to make friends with someone here on Earth besides Kotaro?

“It’s quite a weird meeting, if you ask me. But she’s really fun to be with, so the weird part of our meeting was soon placed at the back of our minds.” Soon after, the man appeared to have remembered something. “By the way, my name’s Renn. Kousaka Renn.”

“Lucky.” Despite the abruptness of the situation, Lucky found himself shaking hands with Renn. He looked around the area and finally, he found Hammie.

Indeed, she was talking to someone. To a woman obviously more mature than Hammie, as a matter of fact.

“Is that your friend?” Lucky inquired which Renn replied with a nod. “How come I didn’t notice you guys here before?”

“That’s because we’re not from this Earth,” Renn answered. “We’re from a parallel universe, the one that we’re protecting up until now. So it’s really disappointing and depressing to see this Earth already at the hands of the enemies.”

“But we’re here to liberate it,” Lucky said with determination.

This didn’t surprise Renn, though. For some weird reason, this guy reminded him of Sosuke in more ways than one. He smiled at the thought. “I know. So I’ll leave this Earth’s return of peace to you guys.”

For a while, Lucky just remained looking at Hammie still talking to the woman he later learned from Renn was named Sutou Miu. From his position, it looked like Hammie was frustrated. But what could have frustrated her at this period? Besides the Jark Matter, of course.

“You like her, don’t you?” Renn soon asked, which snapped Lucky out of his musings.

Of course, Renn’s question soon registered in his mind which only made him shake his head vehemently. “N-no… I-I’m not—”

“You know, continuous denying won’t get you anywhere, Lucky,” Renn suddenly said seriously, which cut him off.

Lucky was also surprised to hear that. “W-what do you mean?”

“I mean exactly that. Continuous denying won’t get you anywhere. I think it’s about time you test your luck on this one, Lucky.”

Lucky was left speechless after that. He didn’t know how to retort on that one. Why was this Renn guy talking as if—

“Hammie-chan’s already confused with a few issues right now. Talking to someone could help her but in the end, it’ll still be her choice—her decision. And from what I can see—” Renn paused and faced Lucky. Though Renn was sporting a congenial smile on his face, Lucky could see an underlying seriousness in the man’s eyes. “—you were also dealing with some issues of your own.”

How did this guy—? Lucky was seriously surprised at that.

“If that issue has something to do with Hammie-chan, I can only say this to you, Lucky. Just… don’t regret the chances you decided not to take when the time comes she finally made a choice.”

“Why are you saying all this now?”

“Because I know what it’s like to regret the chances I didn’t take before. But I chose not to take them because I could see at the time that she liked someone else. And she’s happy with that. Even though in the end, she just chose to let go, as well. Especially when she realized that the one she liked… happened to like someone else and he would be happier with that person.” Renn sighed before continuing. “Hammie-chan hasn’t come to that point yet where she finally makes a decision. At least, that’s what I can see.”

Lucky didn’t say anything. Whether he denied it or not, Renn had a point. But what could he possibly do at the moment with regards to his predicament? Unable to think of anything, Lucky just stood up and decided to call for Hammie’s attention. But moments later, he stopped to his tracks.

“Are you saying that I should do something before it comes to that?” Lucky asked without looking back at Renn.

“It still depends on your choice and the chances laid out in front of you. To both you and Hammie-chan.”

After a few moments of contemplation, Lucky finally left Renn there. As for the blue warrior who was just watching Lucky approaching his friends, he smiled in satisfaction before his Engine partner Buson approached him.

“So you think something will happen after that talk? If you would call that a proper talk,” Buson said as the Engine was also looking at Lucky.

“I think we’ll know the answer soon.”



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