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[How It’s Supposed To Be] Part 1 (Miu & Hammie)

A Stinger/Hammy/Lucky fanfiction story, ft. Go-onger’s Kousaka Renn and Sutou Miu. Reversed version of “Staying Silent”.

If there was one thing that Hammie would consider amazing and weird at the same about Earth, it was for her to meet some… weird people, as well. Or at least that was how she would consider it now that she met someone named Sutou Miu. Apparently, this woman—who was an heiress, as well—just suddenly decided to use her Engine partner Jetras to go to that Earth.

Hammie discovered that Miu came from Earth, as well—but of another universe, in which she, Garu, and Commander Shou Ronpo just realized its existence months before while they were chasing down Maadako to retrieve the stolen Rashinban (Pyxis) Kyutama. But the real issue here was the purpose of Miu going to that parallel universe.

The Kyurangers were just done liberating that particular sector of the planet. But instead of returning to the Orion just as the Commander ordered, Hammie decided to roam around the area and follow the tiger-based flying Engine she noticed hovering earlier. It was a good thing it didn’t land very far and she was able to spot it easily.

And now here they were.

“I saw your fight a while back. You were distracted,” Miu pointed out quite bluntly which only made Hammie eye the heiress in annoyance.

“I know that so there’s no reason for you to point it out,” Hammie replied. Moments later, she sighed. “But seriously, why are you here, Miu-san?”

“I need to check on a few things out here before my comrades and I head out to finish another mission in my own world. But looking at you a while back and looking at you now… Is there something important that bothers you right now?”

Hammie remained silent, though. Not because she didn’t know how to answer that. But it was because she decided not to bother anyone with her current predicament.

“If it’s about a guy, I don’t think I could give you any help when it comes to that. But it still depends on you if you’d choose to let it all go and move on without doing anything or finally do something so that you’ll find out for yourself if your feelings for him will be reciprocated,” Miu continued in a serious tone soon after.

“Why are you talking as if you know what it feels like to be this confused and frustrated at the same time?”

“That’s because I’ve been through that before. But I chose to do the first one when I realized that he’s going to be happier loving someone other than me. As for you, on the other hand—” Miu paused and faced Hammie who didn’t even faze at that. “I think you’re just wasting precious time mulling over unnecessary things.”

This time, Hammie couldn’t help but glare at the heiress who wasn’t even a bit bothered at what she did. “Did you just come here to mock me?”

Miu sighed, as if trying to compose herself. “I’m not saying these things to you just to lecture you or mock you, okay? But Hammie, you can’t find a way to deal with this situation if you’re like that. This is your feelings we’re talking about.”

“Well, having this feeling is not easy to deal with,” Hammie replied before rashly sighing out loud. “What am I suppose to do now?”

“I think, right now, only you can answer that, Hammie,” Miu said and patted Hammie’s head. “Just… try using both your mind and heart when it comes to really knowing what you have to do with all this. Okay?”

Hammie just looked at the serious-looking Miu for a few moments. Despite the serious look on the silver warrior’s face, she could see hints of understanding in Miu’s eyes. Soon after, she just nodded, indicating that she understood what Miu meant with what she said.



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