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[How It’s Suppose To Be] Part 6 (Lucky, Hammie, Stinger, Miu, & Renn)

A Stinger/Hammie/Lucky fanfiction story, ft. Go-onger’s Kousaka Renn and Sutou Miu. Reversed version of “Staying Silent”.

It was a good thing that Hammie managed to sleep earlier than expected—if one would actually call that early. Well, perhaps she could thank it to the fact that she finally came up with a decision with regards to her own feelings for Lucky. It had been distracting her for more than a week so it was a total relief that she came in terms with her own emotions.

Now here comes the real problem—confessing to Lucky.

Great! How come she didn’t even think about that part when she decided to finally tell him the truth? Should she consider this as a disaster in the making?


That voice startled her and snapped Hammie from her musings. When she raised her head, she saw Lucky approaching her with a frown on his face. Her heart started beating fast at the sight but she tried her best to remain calm and composed. Well, at least she succeeded in some way.

“Lucky, what’s wrong?”

“Shouldn’t I be the one saying that to you? I kept on thinking if something was going on since you’re not yourself for the past week. Did something happen that we didn’t know?”

Hammie could only look at Lucky in surprise. He was able to notice that? She instinctively looked away and scanned the surroundings of the area that they just liberated together with Kotaro, Champ and Stinger whom the Kyulette had selected to do the mission.

She was actually surprised that her Kyutama was finally chosen after more than a week of not having selected to do some liberation on Earth. Even when Lucky commented that her luck was finally on her because of that, all she did was to smile. Maybe she would consider it crazy but she was thinking that perhaps the reason why her Kyutama wasn’t chosen all this time was because it could tell that her mind wasn’t clear yet. That she needed all the time to think things through before she would set out to do her mission as a Kyuranger.

“I’m okay. I’m just glad I could finally get out of the Orion for a breath of fresh air. I’ve been stuck there for more than a week, you know.”

“No, seriously, what the heck has happened to you this past week? You were really distracted,” Lucky insisted.

At this point, Hammie faced Lucky with a serious expression. Of course, that surprised the red warrior for a bit but soon after, he managed to compose herself.

What she didn’t know, even Champa and Kotaro were surprised by her actions. But not Stinger. He urged the others to go away from there for a while so that Lucky and Hammie could have a privacy. Only he did so without looking back at the two.

Of course, Champ and Kotaro noticed this.

“Partner… Are you okay?” Champ decided to break the silence by asking that.

Stinger remained quiet but nodded as an answer.

“Aniki…” Kotaro could only utter in which Stinger replied with a ruffle on the boy’s hair.

“Everyone just have to respect her decision,” he whispered before walking ahead of the bull and the boy. “…and that includes me… because that’s how it’s suppose to be…”

In the meantime, Hammie and Lucky were finally left alone. But Hammie’s heart was hammering inside her chest like crazy. Was she supposed to feel this?

“Are you okay, Hammie?” Lucky asked, soon breaking the silence between them.

She nodded and heaved a sigh. She had to do this or it would never lead anywhere. “Lucky… you see… I’ve been thinking—”

“I like you,” Lucky suddenly blurted out and soon froze Hammie to the spot.

She could only look at him in shock. Did she hear it right? Was it really Lucky who said those words? “W-what?”

Lucky blinked for a few moments before regaining composure without looking away from Hammie who was still eyeing him in surprise. “I like you, Hammie. I should’ve said that to you before but… things hadn’t been on my side lately.”

Hammie remained looking at him wide eyed. There was it! He said it again. It was for real.

“What do you mean… things hadn’t been on your side?” Great. Of all questions that she was supposed to ask…

Lucky looked away for a bit and scratched the back of his head. He also smiled sheepishly, which was unlike him. Hammie couldn’t help smiling at the sight.

“I’ve been… meaning to tell you that since the day after I saw you with that Miu person. Renn had been telling me things, of certain advices so that I’d finally be able to say this to you.”

Hammie frowned at the last sentence. Renn? Does he mean… Kousaka Renn? “You met Renn-san?”

Lucky nodded. “He showed up to me all of a sudden while I was looking for you that day. That’s how I met him.”

“He does have that kind of habit.” Then Hammie’s face turned serious. “But Lucky, are you sure?”

“About what?”

“About what you just told me. That you… like me…” The last sentence was just a spoken in a whisper, though. Soon after, Hammie looked down and tightly closed her eyes as she waited for his answer.

Lucky smiled and approached Hammie. He crouched down a bit to level his face with Hammie’s line of sight. Of course, this action surprised her but she remained staring at him. It didn’t take long before Lucky swiftly placed a kiss on her forehead that only made her eyes open wide.

“We’ll take it one step at a time, okay?” Without any more words to say, he pulled Hammie close to him for an embrace. “I guess I’m glad I took Renn’s advice. I took a test on my luck with you. I’m sorry if it took me this long to say it.”

Hammie didn’t say anything and a smile soon showed on her face. She wrapped her arms around him. For now, she chose to enjoy this moment. She would say everything she wanted to say to Lucky later. Besides, they still had the time in the world to do that.

The sun was setting, but it didn’t obscure the view of both Lucky and Hammie embracing each other to both Miu and Renn. They faced each other with a smile and held hands when they saw that.

“Finally, they took our advice. I can’t believe it would take them this long to actually do it,” Miu said quite frankly which only made Renn chuckle.

“You can’t help it. It’s the first for them. In Hammie-chan’s case, she was really having a hard time thinking since it appears that it wasn’t just Lucky who was making it hard for her.”

Miu frowned before facing Renn who was eyeing the new couple with a serious look. “What do you mean by that?”

“It seems that one other person was also pinning on her. But she doesn’t know that. And that person decided to let go in the end.”

It didn’t take long for Miu to understand Renn’s words. Soon after, she saw three people watching Lucky and Hammie from a distance. One of those three—the one wearing an orange Kyuranger jacket—was eyeing at the couple with a particularly familiar emotion. She knew because both she and Renn had that emotion in their eyes before when they chose to let go of someone important to their hearts.

“I think he would be able to find someone he would cherish much more than how he cared for Hammie. One day, I know he’d be able to,” Miu said after a while of silence between her and Renn.

Renn smiled and raised their held hands. He soon looked at the ring on Miu’s finger—the one that he gave to her two weeks before the talk they both made to Lucky and Hammie. “Just like how we found ours, huh?”

Miu faced Renn and nodded.




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