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[How It’s Suppose To Be] Part 5 (Stinger & Hammie)

A Stinger/Hammie/Lucky fanfiction story, ft. Go-onger’s Kousaka Renn and Sutou Miu. Reversed version of “Staying Silent”.

That one night of mulling over alone seemed to have helped Stinger for a bit. But it also gave way for him to feel something he had never felt before. A kind of pain that perhaps had existed even worse than Scorpio’s betrayal. Or should he really describe it like that? Could he really compare it to what happened to him and his brother?

At the moment, Stinger couldn’t tell. But it was definitely painful—one that he didn’t want to show that he was feeling it to anyone at all. He could only shake his head as he continued on with his own musings concerning Hammie and Lucky. Whatever would be the case, he really needed all the time to prepare himself for something worst.

At least, that was how he would describe it.

Meanwhile, it was already a week that passed by but it was also a torturous week for Hammie with all that thinking she did just for her to decide. Who would’ve thought that feelings meant for that person would actually bring her this much problem? Even if she would think of her friends’ words to her before, none of it seemed to help her at all.

Or does it really seem like that? Why did she have a feeling that something was holding her back from actually coming up with a final decision?

One more night… Honestly, she had enough. She better come up with a decision tonight or else, it won’t be a wonder if she did end up crazy with all this thinking. Just like before, she got up from her bed late at night and proceeded to the Orion’s bridge. This time, she was truly determined to end her confusion and finally come up with a decision with regards to her situation.

But to Hammie’s surprise, someone was already there. Of all coincidences that could actually happen, why does it have to be Stinger staying on the place where she was supposed to go and think? And then it hit her.

Now she knew why she was having a hard time. It was the emotion that she saw on Stinger’s face that night they last talked—if one would actually call that talking. It was the one that was actually… holding her back. But why?

“You can’t sleep again?”

Hammie was startled to hear that. Of course, that cut her off from her own musings. She tried her best not to roll her eyes from annoyance. For some reason, Stinger seemed to have the habit of stopping the flow of her thoughts.

“This will be the last, I hope,” Hammie replied quite lifelessly as she proceeded to the control panel and sat on the chair, facing outside the ship where the view of the Earth could be seen. “It seems to me you can’t sleep, either.”

“It’s not going to be the last one,” Stinger said.

This only made Hammie frown, though. “What do you mean?”

But Stinger didn’t answer. Instead, he said something different. “Have you finally decided?”

Here comes the issue again. But she chose not to let her frustration get the best of her, though. Weird enough, she managed to smile—albeit sadly. “I guess I have to do more thinking before I could even decide.”

“Is it that hard for you to clear your mind so you could finally think things through?”

This guy was always making it sound so easy. Does he really have that habit? “Well, in case you’re not aware, something was holding me back every time I could finally come up with an answer to most of my questions. The same goes to finally coming up with a decision.”

This time, it was Stinger who frowned at Hammie’s answer. “Something was holding you back?”

Hammie heaved a heavy sigh and faced outside the ship’s window once again. “But I can’t let that get to me this time, right? I have to decide so that it’ll all be over for me. I can’t let it go on like this for much longer.”

No words were spoken after that. Only thick silence soon surrounded the two warriors.

Stinger took that as an opportunity to face Hammie who was still looking outside the window of the Orion. He was somewhat irritated that she didn’t answer when he repeated the words she said—about something that was holding her back from actually deciding. He wanted to know what could have made her hold back from doing that.

But then, he soon noticed that Hammie was in deep thoughts again. He remained watching her for who knows how long. He wasn’t exactly counting the time as he was immersed in watching her contemplate over her predicament. And soon after, he remembered his own advice for her.

He could only smile bitterly—albeit done inwardly.

“But just like I said, everyone just have to respect your decision…” he muttered as he looked away from Hammie and started walking away from that place.

“You were saying something, Stinger?” Hammie asked.

He didn’t turn his back to look at her, even when he anwered. “Just don’t stay up way too late. We might have a mission tomorrow.” And with that, he finally left Hammie there. But each step he was taking to walk away from there—fror her—seemed to act like salt sprinkled on a fresh wound. He already made his own decision.

Now it was Hammie’s turn to create one—in which he could already tell what.

As for Hammie, she couldn’t help frowning at the sight of Stinger walking away like that from her. Maybe she could ask him about it tomorrow. If she could actually coax him to answer her question.

She went back to looking at the Earth. Soon after, she remembered Miu’s words to her. Moments later, she finally showed a smile—one that envisioned relief and determination. It was the kind of smile she knew she hadn’t shown in more than a week.

“So that ends my confusion, then…”



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