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Zyuohger: Yamato/Amu (Can’t Even Say It)

dhkhtovuqamykhb“It is sorrowful that we can’t even say ‘I love you’…” ~From the Chinese-Korean song “Endless Love” by Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Sun

x x x x x x

“Why do you have to influence my decision to meet him? Besides, he’s not that bad of a person,” Amu reasoned as calmly as she could.

“That’s not the issue here, Amu. I know that guy, okay? And he will only do you no good, that’s why I’m saying this to you!”

Amu shook her head and turned around. “You’re not going to make me stop going there.”


“You’re saying that you care for me but why don’t you let me judge the person for myself, Yamato? If you really care for me, then you’d let me do what I want until I can confirm the truth. Please, Yamato…”

He was just staring at her for a few moments before sighing heavily and started walking away from her. Of course, that surprised Amu.

“Yamato, where are you going?” she asked, her voice slightly became frantic.

Yamato stopped walking but didn’t dare turn to face her. For some reason, that made her quite nervous. But why would she feel something like that?

“I’m going back since you don’t want me to make sure you’ll be fine. It’s better that I get out of your way, right?” With that, and without a glance towards her, Yamato left that place.

What in the world did she end up doing?

It was the only question that kept resonating in Amu’s mind as she watched Yamato’s retreating figure from where he left her. She could only do that since she had no idea how to retract the words she just said to him earlier. Before she could even realize it, she found herself collapsing to her knees and cried.

“I’m sorry, Yamato,” were the only words she could utter in between silent cries.

She knew that Yamato only cared for her welfare, that was why he said that he would accompany her to see someone she just recently met while doing some window shopping. But before she could even approach the person, Yamato warned her not to go anymore and see that person.

Their debate over their reasons with regards to that meeting soon became a full-blown argument. And before she knew it, those words were uttered.

Now, she had no idea on how to take it back and explain him the reason why she was insistent on meeting that person. But would she even dare go if Yamato might be mad at her for not listening to him?

Come to think of it, this was the first time that Yamato acted this way towards her decision to meet someone. But what could have made him become like that, anyway?

She remained in that place, crying silently.

“Are you okay, Amu?” a voice suddenly asked, making her suddenly stop crying and raised her head.

She frowned when she saw Tusk, eyeing her with concern.

She looked away from her Zyuman friend and wiped her tears as hastily as she could. “It’s nothing. What are you doing here, anyway?”

“Is it a bad thing to watch over my friend who was about to get into trouble?” Tusk asked back instead, causing Amu to frown because of the seriousness she detected in his voice.

She faced him again with a questioning look on her face. “What are you talking about?”

“Yamato wasn’t joking when he said that the guy you were about to meet would only bring trouble to you. Sela overhead him talking to someone about having bad plans to you, given the fact that you’re a Zyuman. Not all people we encounter here are like Yamato, you know.”

“Are you saying that…?”

Tusk nodded gravely. “Yamato really cared for you. And he knew that guy for so long now. Well, they’re not really that close but Yamato knew his personality and character. And trust me, even I would end up slashing him because of his ill plans for you.”

“What kind of plans does he have for me?” Amu asked, wanting to know what kind of danger was she about to encounter if it wasn’t for Yamato trying his best to warn her.

“I’ll tell you everything later. I think the most important thing you have to do right now is talk to Yamato and apologize. Or else, I’ll let you do more chores than usual when we still have an awkward atmosphere hovering between you two when we all get back.”

Though Amu could tell that Tusk wasn’t joking about what he said, it was all enough for her to smile despite her tears. She abruptly stood up and embraced Tusk before running off towards the direction that Yamato went to when he left her there.

The elephant Zyuman just sighed and shook his head, suddenly feeling tired from what had just happened. “You better fix that damage, Amu, or you’ll definitely be punished.”

Meanwhile, Yamato was just staring at a certain tree in the middle of the park he suddenly arrived at. He sighed and rashly scratched his head because of frustration. Why did he suddenly walk out like that from Amu?

Who was he kidding? He truly knew the reason for him to do that. It was because he was hurt that Amu won’t even listen to him, won’t even trust his judgment when it comes to the man she was about to see that day.

But did he really do the right thing?


He stiffened at the sound of a familiar voice. But moments later, he turned around and was surprised to see Amu running towards her.


It took a while before Amu finally reached him and stopped in front of him. She had to even out her breath so she could be able to talk properly.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to go see him?”

Amu shook her head and finally faced him with a determined look. He was surprised to see that, though. What just happened to her?

“I’m sorry,” Amu said almost in a whisper a few moments later.

Both of them didn’t say a word after that. They just looked at each other. Yamato’s face was etched with surprise and confusion while Amu has anticipation and anxiety on her face.

“I’m sorry for… being stubborn about doing this on my own.”

Again, Yamato was left speechless. But as he remained staring at Amu, his mind was finally able to process everything, especially the reason why he felt hurt that made him decide to walk out. And moments later, he sighed and approached Amu even closer.

“What made you decide to apologize?” Great. Of all the questions he was going to ask…

“I just…” Amu hesitated for a while. Her hand was starting to get clammy, which only added to her nervousness but she did her best to fight it. “I don’t want you to remain angry at me for not listening to you. I should’ve trusted you and yet…”

Wait… These weren’t just the words she was supposed to say. She was supposed to explain the reason why she wanted to see the man that became the subject of their argument a while back. But can she even say it?

“It’s okay…” Yamato said soon after.

Amu looked at him in confusion and tilted her head. “What do you mean ‘okay’?”

“It’s okay. Apology accepted. As long as you were able to see the truth, that’s fine by me.” Seriously, Yamato could really punch himself in the guts. That wasn’t supposed to be the answer to her question. He was supposed to tell her the real reason why he walked out and why he felt hurt.

“Then… shall we go back now? I think I drained my energy doing all that arguing with you and deciding over things I shouldn’t think about right now,” Amu said with a slightly nervous laugh and then turned around to leave.

Yamato could only look at her walk away like that. Soon after, he gave out a melancholic sigh.

When would he be able to tell her the truth? That he was in love with her, that was why he was hurt for not trusting him.

As for Amu, the pace of her walk slowly decreased and soon after, she sighed dejectedly. Why didn’t she say it? That was the opportunity she was looking for. Was it really that hard to tell him how much she… loved him?

x x x x x x

So this is the first Yamato/Amu fanfic I’ve written and thankfully, I decided a change of atmosphere for a while before I end up posting another sad fic. I’m not sure if it’s to your liking but still, enjoy reading!


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