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[Staying Silent] Part 6 (Stinger, Hammy, Lucky, Kasumi, & Agri)

A Lucky/Hammy/Stinger fanfiction story, ft. Ninninger’s Momochi Kasumi and Goseiger’s Agri

But it was on the next day that Hammy decided to talk to Stinger. And this time, she would gather up all her courage to blurt out the words she needed to utter in order to convey her feelings to that stoic scorpion guy. She smiled at the thought.

Yes, Stinger was initially stoic and cold to the rest of them at first. But he was starting to soften up. She could really see that. It was just a question of whether or not Stinger would soften up when she confess to him.

Another mission was needed to be done in order to liberate a certain sector of Earth. It was then that Hammy decided to have a talk with Stinger after the mission was over. She won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, that was what she kept on saying to herself.

But as the time approached nearer and nearer, her hand started to get clammy. Yes, she was starting to get nervous which nearly distracted her during the battle. Yet she did her best to fight it.

Though unknown to her, someone already noticed that something was wrong. Not just one, but two people.

“Hammy…” Lucky called out to the space ninja.

She was startled upon hearing that and was surprised to see Lucky approaching him, worry was evident on his face. “Lucky? What’s wrong?”

“I should be the one asking that to you. You’re not yourself a while back. Are you okay?”

She nodded and smiled. Though Lucky was taken aback by the sudden action, he waited for her to speak up. “Yeah. Thanks to you, I think I’m going to be alright.”

Those words only made Lucky perplexed as to what it actually meant. What did he do this time for Hammy to say those words to him? But it looked like it won’t take him long to understand it.

On one part of the area that they just liberated, Lucky could see Stinger watching him and Hammy talking. Stinger was still stoic when he looked at the scorpion guy. But something told him that there were underlying emotions in his friend’s eyes as he continued watching.

“You’re finally going to do it, huh?” Lucky was smiling when he said that.

“I have to. You said so yourself, I don’t have any reason to hesitate. So now I think it’s about time I do something before I lose the chance.”

Before Lucky could even say something as an answer, Hammy went on her way–towards Stinger, which of course, surprised the said person.

“I guess I already lost my chance, huh?” Lucky muttered as he watched Hammy began talking to Stinger.

He soon noticed the others watching the two, which he knew could only mean trouble to Stinger and Hammy. So Lucky did his best to round up his friends about to pry and take them away from there.

But as for Hammy and Stinger, they were actually unaware of the situation with regards to their friends just around the area. She was busy noticing the fast beating of her heart now that she was standing in front of Stinger.

“Is there something wrong?” Stinger asked after a while that Hammy didn’t say anything.

Though Hammy was feeling really nervous, she was trying her best to gather up her courage to say everything she needed to say to Stinger.

“Stinger… umm… actually–”

But Stinger’s words soon cut her off. “Can I… say something first?”


This time, it was Stinger who looked nervous between the two of them. Hammy found this weird at the moment but she patiently waited for Stinger to speak up again.

“Look… umm…” It appeared he was truly hesitating. “Have you and… Lucky…?”

Hammy frowned when she heard Lucky’s name from Stinger. Now where would this dicussion leads them to? “Stinger? Could it be you’re…”

But Stinger remained silent and was looking away from her.

She just smiled when she finally understood the reason why he was like that. “It’s okay. We can take it slow. At least I can.”

That was when Stinger looked at Hammy and she was surprised to see him sporting that rare smile on his face. Hammy was able to show off a smile, as well, because of that. From there, it appeared that they understood each other, even without saying the necessary words for that.

“…then staying silent was still worth it… even though it hurts…” Lucky could only smile bitterly at those words. But Hammy and Stinger looked happy. He could see it even from his position.

So if that was the case, then what he did was definitely worth it. The hurt would fade in time. He knew it. He just had to trust it.

On one part of the city where the new couple could be seen, Kasumi and Agri smiled and gave a thumbs up to each other when they saw that.

“I guess this means he finally made a move, huh?” Agri asked. “I can’t believe we still have to scare him like that just for him to do something.”

“Do you really think scaring him would have any effect, Agri-san? We just have to annoy him to no end until he finally do something to that feelings he was trying to suppress inside of him,” Kasumi replied with a confident smile.

“Are ninjas always like that?”

Kasumi faced the black Gosei Angel with an innocent look. “Like what?”

Agri was deciding whether or not he would tell him what he was thinking. But in the end, he didn’t. “Never mind.” Soon after, he noticed another figure watching Hammy and Stinger from afar. “I think someone did a bit of a sacrifice with regards to this situation,” he said in a serious tone.

It didn’t take long before Kasumi could catch up with Agri’s words. She, in turn, also looked at the direction the Gosei Angel was looking at, only to be surprised to see Lucky watching the couple.

She could just smile sadly at that. “Why is love always like that, I wonder?” She sighed and faced Agri. “Sacrifice or not, it was Lucky-san’s decision. We can’t do anything about it. Love, from what I can assume, is something you can never force to someone.”

“So what do you think we just did to Stinger, huh?”

“Even if we keep taunting him like that, in the end, it will be Stinger-san’s decision whether or not he would choose to make a move to let Hammy-chan know how he truly felt. We didn’t force those feelings in him. What we did was just to make him realize a lot of things with regards to his own feelings.”

Both the pink ninja and the black Gosei Angel sighed heavily.

“I know, Lucky-san will find a new love someday. We just have to believe that,” Kasumi said, her voice laced with full confidence.

Weird enough, even Agri has no intention to retaliate those words from Kasumi. Despite not having experience about love, he wanted to believe in the ninja’s words.





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