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[Staying Silent] Part 5 (Lucky & Hammy)

A Lucky/Hammy/Stinger fanfiction story, ft. Ninninger’s Momochi Kasumi and Goseiger’s Agri

Those words were like knives cutting through his heart until now. But they didn’t hurt so much now unlike the first time that realization actually hit him. It was worse than the hurt he felt when his luck ran out during the time they just started looking for the three Kyutamas needed to revive the Argo and he fought Ikaagen but ended up defeated.

“She already decided. I just have to make her realize it,” Lucky said to himself and sighed once more.

He didn’t know how long he had been staying in that room just looking at the Voyager hatch as he was thinking of various things. When was the last time he did that? He had no idea.

Staying silent must have been the best decision he made for his feelings for Hammy, if not the most painful, as well. But now that he realized a lot of things because of that, then perhaps the pain would never matter at all if he tried his best to get his mind out of it.

It was the only way he could think of to support his two friends and precious comrades…

“But if that’s what it takes to see you smile more often…” Lucky decided not to continue his words out loud at the moment.

He stood up from his position and left the place, finally.

Meanwhile, Hammy was still looking at Stinger still sitting on the hallway with his head lowered down. She had no idea what could he possibly be thinking at the moment. Yeah, right. When was the last time she even managed to do such a feat to a person like Stinger?

But as she continued doing so, as she kept on looking at Stinger, she also remembered the conversation that she and Lucky had days before the orange warrior returned from his undercover mission. It was an unusual discussion, if one would asked her. But it was also the one that truly enlightened her–she only realized that now.

With that, she couldn’t help showing a smile as she continued watching Stinger from her position.

“Lucky’s right…” Hammy muttered with that smile of relief plastered on her face. “I guess I don’t have to hesitate anymore, huh?”

Hammy had finally come to a decision… and it was all thanks to Lucky. How could she ever thank him for that?



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