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[Staying Silent] Part 2 (Agri & Stinger)

A Lucky/Hammy/Stinger fanfiction story, ft. Ninninger’s Momochi Kasumi and Goseiger’s Agri

Meanwhile, one of the missions that Commander Shou Ronpou mentioned to the Kyurangers actually needed someone to go undercover. By far, the only one capable of doing that among the team was Stinger, which he accepted. 


But not without looking at Hammy as stealthily as he could, his mind still ringing with words that Kasumi mentioned to him the last time they saw each other.

In the end, he just remained silent even after he left the Orion. He was given three days to complete his undercover mission. But before he could even head to the location as soon as he landed on Earth, another familiar face stopped him to his tracks.

“How come you’re here?” Stinger asked as his way of greeting to that certain warrior.

“From the looks of your outfit, it seems you’re heading out somewhere. You’re on a mission?” Agri inquired instead of actually answering Stinger’s initial question.

Stinger chose not to say anything, though. Agri just chuckled and shook his head.

“Okay. I’m here because someone told me about your little predicament with that space ninja friend of yours.”

“Kasumi…” Stinger could only utter in annoyance. Were ninjas always like that? “There’s nothing to discuss about that.”

“Are you sure about that, Stinger? I don’t think that’s the thing you should worry about right now.”

Stinger frowned and faced the Gosei Angel. “What are you talking about?”

“If you keep up that tough act, you’ll end up losing her in the end, you know?”

Does Agri and Kasumi have to say the same thing to him, seriously speaking? Why did they have to remind him of the same thing over and over? It was as if Kasumi’s words weren’t enough to taunt him, and now this! Agri was saying the same thing.

“Do you really have to remind me that? I know what I’m doing.”

“Oh, really? Well, if you’re really sure about what you’re doing, then perhaps I can assume that you at least talked to Hammy before you head out here for your mission.”

Now that froze Stinger. Where does this conversation heading to right now?

“Mind your own business.” Soon after, he left Agri to that place so that he could finish his mission before the deadline.

“I guess that answers the question, then,” Agri muttered with a small smile.



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