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[Staying Silent] Part 1 (Kasumi & Stinger)

A Lucky/Hammy/Stinger fanfiction story, ft. Ninninger’s Momochi Kasumi and Goseiger’s Agri

The one advantage that perhaps, the planet Earth had given him was meeting some people along the way even though at times, they could be a bit annoying. Just like this young woman beside him at the moment who managed to drag his worries out of himself before he could even stop himself.

That young woman was named Momochi Kasumi, whom he soon realized was one of the warriors who defended the Earth of another universe from various threats. But that wasn’t the real issue here.

“I can’t believe that you, Stinger, would actually mention something with regards to your love life,” Kasumi commented with a smile.

“You’re the one who forced it out on me using your machine,” Stinger said back as he stared at the Truth-Telling Nin machine that Kasumi invented and used on him a while back.

“Well, I have to use it especially on you if that would actually help me drag things out from your mouth.”

Stinger remained silent for a while before he heard the young scientist heave a sigh.

“But seriously, Stinger, can’t you just stay true to yourself and your feelings for once? That would truly help you, you know” Kasumi said, nearly feeling hopeless about the situation.

“What do you know about staying true to your feelings?” Stinger retorted.

Kasumi sighed. “Don’t answer my question with another question, Stinger. The point here is, you better make a move now or you’ll lose her before you knew it.”

If glaring could actually kill, then Kasumi would’ve been dead the moment Stinger did so. But the ninja was only sporting a serious face. That only means she wasn’t joking. Well, it wasn’t in Kasumi’s nature to joke around when it comes to things like this, right?

But things wasn’t exactly that easy. He couldn’t force that girl to actually choose him. But what if Kasumi was right? What if he would lose her before he could even realize it? Especially knowing that another guy was after that particular girl, as well.





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