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Kyuranger: Spada/Raptor (The Two Of Us)

dhe9hxqu0aacels“In that corner, the two of us remain standing without knowing the right answer…” ~From the Japanese song “Miss You” by AAA

x x x x x x x

Though Raptor knew she would never miss a day that she would write on her daydream diary, she couldn’t help noticing that something was going on with her these past few days. Could she amount this to another of her malfunctioning moments? She didn’t know what to think.

It appeared that even androids like her would have this kind of moments.

“Raptor, are you okay?”

Well, it wasn’t a surprise that the voice which suddenly snapped her out of her thoughts and made her nearly gave out a scream. She had to control her reaction when it comes to that person, after all.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be okay?” Great! Does she even have to chuckle nervously?

“Well, the Commander was talking to you and yet, you’re not responding. That’s why I asked that,” Spada calmly stated.

With that, she panicked and looked around to see if the Commander was really there with her and talking to her. To her confusion, no one was there but her and Spada. She would’ve frowned if she could. That was why she could only tilt her head in confusion.

“Where is the commander?” Raptor asked and faced the yellow Kyuranger.

“He left about a minute ago. You’re writing something in your diary again?”

She looked at her diary. This was one of the reasons why she wanted to know what was wrong with her again. She had to list down the events that happened everyday with regards to her daydreams so that she’d be able to figure it out.

She wanted to know the reason why she was thinking of Spada more and more.

Raptor turned off her diary and hid it behind her. “It is. I’m sorry. I have to go find the commander and apologize.” With that, she took off even before Spada could say anything.

As for the chef of the Kyurangers, he was frowning as he was watching Raptor took off like that as if she was being chased. Did he say something wrong, perhaps?

Well, he lied to Raptor on one part, though. Commander Shou Ronpo wasn’t talking to her at all. In fact, the commander wasn’t even in the room for about an hour now. Which was weird, if someone would ask him.

He was worried, that’s why.

Spada had been noticing these past few days that Raptor, though dutiful as ever when it comes to her responsibilities as a pilot and a secretary, wasn’t in her usual cheerful self. She must be having those daydreams again.

But what could be the topic of those daydreams she was having?

He had to know.

But then, if he ever realized the reason why Raptor was acting a bit different, would he be able to handle the truth? Especially if that certain truth had something to do with him.

The answer to that might become the greatest shock he would ever encounter his life.

Or not.

Who knows.

x x x x x x x

A Spada/Raptor fic, for the first time. And it’s a short one, too. I’m not really confident about this given the fact that I’ve never written anything about a pair in which one of them was an android. If you know what I mean. So forgive me if this turned out to be a bit…

I was supposed to post an AU Yamato/Sela fic but I’m not done yet with that. And I’m also planning to post several AU fics set in “Operation: Cloudbreak” universe. But I still have to think things carefully when it comes to that.


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