[Random Thoughts] Entry #4

Okay. I managed to post this again after… how many days? Seriously, I don’t want to count anymore since it’s starting to become irritating. But anyway, I don’t know if I have so much to say here. Some are just… uncontainable and can’t be put into words for some reason. Dramatic much? Yeah, I know. I also just noticed that.

Anyway, what are the recent updates? I could say nothing much. But it’s better if I just enumerate things down, okay?

  • Let’s start with my readings. And I have to say that it’s quite disappointing that I only finished reading one book this week. It was the ARC of “Bucket List Of Love” by Filipino author C.P. Santi. Yes, I have to write a review about that and I was supposed to post it last month and yet, I didn’t. Told you it’s disappointing.
  • As for my writings, well… There’s not much progress about my manuscripts that I wanted to submit. And I mean it didn’t even move at all. But that’s because I focused on writing other things–my fanfictions. Yes, I’m back with writing them again after so many months (or should I say it had been a year?). My focus this time is Super Sentai, mainly Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger fanfictions. I don’t know. I’ve been really fascinated about this series lately. Trust me, it’s a really interesting one. I’ve already finished two fanfics for Kyuranger in which you can read on my Wattpad, Blogger, and Fanfiction.Net accounts.
  • So here comes my writing plans–for more fanfictions. I don’t know. It seemed that I’ve been inspired to write more fanfics lately that I can’t even contain the ideas that always appeared in my mind. That’s why I have to write them down before they disappear.

So there you go. Until the next post!

NP: “I Love You, I Remember You” by I.O.I.


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