Okay. Mag-Tagalog naman tayo para maiba. Aba’y pulos English na ang mga pinagsususulat ko nitong mga nakaraang posts ko rito, ah. Nakaka-nosebleed lang, ha? Haha! In fairness, na-miss ko ring magsulat ng mga Filipino posts. Nitong mga nakaraang linggo kasi, nag-focus ako sa pagsusulat ng mga stories na pulos English. Alam mo na, isang paraan... Continue Reading →


[Operation: Cloudbreak (Kyuranger Version)] Characters

MAIN CHARACTERS (Cloudbreakers) Lucky – The hyperactive son of the current leader of the Red Fire Casters’ faction and also regarded as one of the strongest Red Fire Caster of the current generation. Unknown to the faction, as a child, he was able to realize his true mission due to a certain “enlightenment” he received—-and... Continue Reading →

[Random Thoughts] Entry #4

Okay. I managed to post this again after... how many days? Seriously, I don't want to count anymore since it's starting to become irritating. But anyway, I don't know if I have so much to say here. Some are just... uncontainable and can't be put into words for some reason. Dramatic much? Yeah, I know.... Continue Reading →

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