[Random Thoughts] Entry #3

Wow! I can’t believe it’s the third entry already. Well, I can’t seem to find my drive to write the stories that needed my attention so I ended up writing this instead. I hate it when I suffer like this, especially those times I wanted to write every story I had in mind but my body won’t even cooperate at all.
Or I have a feeling that it was just my excuse to escape, I think.

Anyway, there’s a bit of a weird news. Thankfully, I got to  finish my first Kyuranger fanfic. And now it’s posted on my Wattpad account. It’s titled “Staying Silent” and it’s a Lucky/Hami/Stinger fanfiction story, featuring two other Sentai characters–Kasumi from Ninninger and Agri from Goseiger. I know, it’s a weird addition. I’m just glad it’s over and finished. I had fun writing it, honestly speaking and now, I’m planning to write a reversed version of it. But this time, it will feature two different Sentai characters–both are from Go-onger.

Thanks to an online friend’s suggestion, the two new featured Sentai characters from Go-onger were Kousaka Renn and Sutou Miu. I gave this reversed version the story title “How It’s Suppose To Be”. So if you’re a Lucky/Hami fan and shipper, then this story is for you.

For now, I’m a bit pissed with my Wattpad app along with the slow internet connection. And I think that’s what added to the reason of me having the hard time finding my writing muse.

So that’s it for now.

Till the next entry… whenever that is.

NP: “Only For You” by Six Part Invention


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