A July 20 Birthday Greeting For You!

Yes, I know this is quite late for a birthday greeting here on my blog. And it so happened that today is my father’s birthday, as well. But I’ll do a separate blog post for that later. So this is one of my ‘first things’ I’ve done in my life—greeting a celebrity here on my blog and even in social media. I wasn’t really that ‘sociable’ both in cyber and real world. But for my favorite female green ranger (which was the first, of course), I’m going to do this.



Sorry about the honorific that I have to add. But I hope you celebrated your birthday happily and with the people you cared about and with those who cares about you a lot. Thanks to Twitter and even my online friends in Instagram, I was able to see photos and message about how you celebrated your birthday. Don’t lose that smile, okay? You’re really beautiful when you do that. Live a happy life as you go along. And whatever choices you make along the way now that you turned 19, I hope you won’t regret it when time comes. I can see that a lot of people supports you in your endevour. Make sure you find a way to return the love and support that they’re showing you now.

A lot of things can still happen to do once you finally reach adulthood (or have you already reached it?). But if you keep up a happy, brave, and positive disposition in life, I think you’d be able to handle it.

Happy birthday, once again! Enjoy your life and the love you receive from everyone.


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