[Random Thoughts] Entry #2

I know I should’ve posted the 2nd entry last Sunday. And what day is today? It’s Wednesday. So that means I haven’t posted anything in 3 days and I’m really sorry for that. Besides the fact that I ran out of topics to talk about, I’m also suffering from itchy throat and runny nose for days now, which is extremely irritating. Can’t I just wish for it to go away? And I mean immediately. Urgh! I hate this.

Not much has happened during those days that I didn’t write any entries here. Trust me, that’s how boring my life could be most of the time. During the last entry, I did mention that I created a second Instagram account, right? Well, it’s already filled with 69 posts at the moment. Most of it are my photo edits I did featuring my Kyuranger OTP Stinger and Hami. Ever since I saw some of the edits created by the other IG users featuring that pair, it felt like I got a sudden burst of inspiration to write other stories with those two as my visuals. And of course, I also got inspired to do my own photo edits while still experimenting on how to use Snapseed which is a photo-editing app for Android. This was first suggested to me (and the other #daretoshareIGchallenge participants) along with a visual-planning and scheduling app for Instagram called Planoly. But I only let Snapseed remain in my phone. So here I am.

I’m not sure what will I post and when will I post the next Thoughts At Night entry here. I don’t want to say any particular date that I would end up not doing. That could really be a little disappointing and upsetting.

Until next time!

NP: “Megumi No Ame (Blessed Rain” by Alan Dawa Dolma


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