A Simple Birthday Greeting For You



I don’t know what to say as a birthday greeting to you. As I told in the first birthday greeting to one of your Kyuranger co-star Kishi Yosuke, this is the first time I’ve done such a thing. And I mean greeting an admired celebrities during their birthdays. But for some reason, I really want to do this. I don’t know what kind of charm that you guys have for me to do all this for the first time in my life.

Backstory first:

The first time I heard about you was when I was checking various posts on my Instagram account, looking for new pictures and information about Kyuranger. So of course, one way for me to do that was to check on posts with #kyuranger hashtags. Seriously, I found a lot. And then one time, I was able to see posts about you being chosen to play the 12th Kyuranger, Tsurugi /Houou Soldier. After seeing that, I decided to check on your Instagram profile.

A few hours passed after that when all of a sudden, I saw a push-up notification telling me that you actually like one of my IG photos. I was surprised! For real. I even had to check it many times just for me to be sure, if it actually came from your official IG account. But it was real. This had happened twice. I’m not sure if you just happened to come across those photos and liked them or a bot just did that for you. Great! Now I’m comparing IG to Twitter. Bots are usually the issue when it comes to trending hashtags in Twitter. I’m not sure if it was applicable to IG.

insta 1

insta 2See?

After that, I ended up being fascinated by you. Despite the fact that I’ve only heard and known about you during that announcement of additional cast for Kyuranger, I still ended up doing this. I’ve yet to see how you act in the show, but I really wish for the best of you. Not just for this year or this show, but also for the next years and projects to come in your life.

Do your best to live a wonderful life. It may or may not be great as you go along. But I hope you won’t have regrets once it all happened. Whatever decisions you’ll make, do it with determination and without regrets. From what I can see, you’ve been in the entertainment industry for so long. I hope that, in that span of time, you’ve already found what would really make you complete and happy.

Happy 32nd birthday, Minami Keisuke-san!

P.S.: I’ll watch your debut in Kyuranger next week!


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