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The Sunday Currently |18|

Honestly speaking, when was the last time I posted something like this? Man, I really need to remember that. I can’t say that I miss writing a Sunday Currently post. But things are a little messed up for md right now, especially on how my life really had a slow progress over the months. There were changes, but they were not exactly the obvious ones.
But I’m still trying. At least, I know I’m willing to try some things that might give me the progress I need.

Okay, so this would be the third post I have for this day, July 2nd of the year 2017. There are reasons for that, though:

📍I wrote a birthday message to one of the main casts of Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger who’s celebrating his 24th birthday today. He’s the actor who portrayed Stinger/Sasori Orange in the series, Kishi Yosuke. This is the first time I did something like this, seriously speaking. I’m not putting my hopes up that he’d be able to read it. But who knows?

📍It’s dreamcoloredgift ‘s Wattpad anniversary today. This is, by the way, my Wattpad username. Which means I’ve been in Wattpad with this username for a year. But honestly, I’ve been posting stories in Wattpad way before that using a different username, which was my real given name–only to have it deleted due to various reasons that I don’t really want to bring up.

📍And the third reason? I just want to write something about what happened the whole week since there were things that I could consider happening for the first time to me. Since that #daretoshareIGchallenge class that I joined and that ran for 11 days, things have progressed a little for me. At least that’s what I think, though.

So this Sunday, I’m currently:

Reading: “Lullabies” by Lang Leav. I’m actually done reading “Love and Misadventures” two weeks ago. And I have to say, now I understand why many people love her books.

Writing: The 28th chapter of my Filipino story “The Last Sky Of The Earth” currently posted both in my Wattpad account and in my story-exclusive Blogger account. Aside from that, I have to include my birthday greeting post for another actor in Kyuranger who will be celebrating his 32nd birthday tomorrow, July 23rd.

Listening: To “Triumph Of The One” by Lea Salonga. I really like the message of the song since the first time I’ve heard of it. And I think this just doesn’t apply to the players of the Olympic Games where Lea sang this song, but also to many other journeys and competitions where every participants are giving it their all to bring honor and pride to their countries.

Thinking: Of how to make sure I could finish my writing goal for this month of July. And that’s a lot, honestly speaking.

Smelling: The overwhelming scent of Katinko oinment I used to dissipate the irritating itch on my right leg. Urgh!

Wishing: That one day, I’d have a chance to talk to those celebrities I admire.

Hoping: That one of the English stories I’d be able to write would be published… And that both Kishi Yosuke and Minami Keisuke would notice the birthday messages I posted and will post here for them. Man, I can’t believe how far my imaginations could take my mind. 😅

Wearing: A black collared shirt and orange shorts. I was wearing pajamas earlier but then I have to change it since it got wet from the rain. Don’t ask me how it happened. 🌂💧☔

Loving: The fact that I’ve actually done things for the first time that I never thought I’d be able to do. They were just a few, but it surely was a big leap for me.  I know I have to thank Ms. Arriane Serafico’s #dsretoshareIGchallenge class for that.

Wanting: To read another physical book, not e-book. So what exactly is stopping me from doing this?

Needing: A really solid plan for my writing goals. And I mean a plan that I’d be able to follow despite the delays and certain restrictions. Would I be able to come up with something like that? I really hope so.

Feeling: Conflicted. I don’t know the true reason why I’m feeling like this.

Clicking: On videos posted on Youtube about “Ancient Aliens”, a documentary series I remembered watching in History Channel when I was in college. Then there’s also videos about another documentary series I would usually watch in National Geographic Channel, “Ancient Megastructure”. I guess I missed watching this kind of documentaries. But seriously, what’s with the word “ancient”?

So there you have it! I’m not sure if I’d be able to post something like this next Sunday. But I’ll try. In any case, see you next time!


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