Happy Wattpad Anniversary, dreamcoloredgift!

Yes! It’s one year already since this username was born. Wow! I can’t how a year can pass by so quickly. I didn’t even notice it. Haha! Just kidding. Of course, I noticed. But for some reason, I chose not to pay attention to it.

In any case, I’ve been writing poems and stories way before I discovered Wattpad and I started posting some of my stories there at around 2013-2014 (I guess). I can’t remember the exact day but I remember the month. It was the month of May. And yet the feeling of suffocation at the atmosphere of the site that was supposed to give me inspiration to write more made me end up deleting that first Wattpad account I had. Looking back, I still think if I regretted deleting that account where I met a few online friends that I still got to interact with even today. And yet, the answer I came up with was–NO. I never regretted doing that.

The reason? I wanted to return or at least relive the times where I only write because I want to, because I want to calm myself without a care on who’s going to read it or no one at all. In Wattpad, there were more times that I feel really suffocated for some reason. It took me a while to refresh myself, especially my mind, so that I could write the way I used to. I’m not sure if I did it right, but thankfully, I got my writing groove back. For now.

And so, this second Wattpad account was born.

Now that I looked at the date that I joined Wattpad again, it was actually the same date as the birthday of one of Kyuranger’s actors, Kishi Yosuke, whom I greeted a Happy Birthday in my previous post. Talk about coincidence, huh? Anyway, now I have another reason to celebrate writing here again in Wattpad. And then I remember–the date I started posting The Last Sky Of The Earth: The Hunt For The Dark Rose in my first Wattpad account coincides with Hongo Kanata’s birthday. Was it weird? I only realized that when one of my Wattpad (and eventually Facebook friend) Sharmaine Light actually pointed out to me since I think she’s a fan of Hongo Kanata.

I wonder what’s next for me now that dreamcoloredgift turned one year today. But I think there’s one thing that I’m sure I’ll do.

Write more!


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