From A Not-So-Vocal Recent Fan

Is this a weird post coming from me? For now, I don’t want to say anything about the reason why I’m posting this for now. I just want to express my thoughts since I can’t concentrate on what I’m writing.


That’s the truth. I’ve been an admirer (not a fan) of many celebrities and idols of a few different races in Asia. In particular, I’ve been an admirer of some Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, and of course, Filipino celebrities. But this will be the first time I’m going to greet one of those celebrities a “Happy Birthday” here on my blog. So I’m not surprise if I’m actually nervous about doing this right now.


I’ve only known you for the first time when I first watch Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger where you appeared as one of the main casts. Despite the early appearance of Kizu Takumi and Sakakibara Tetsuji on the show, it was you who really caught my attention. So here comes a part of me wanting to know you–at least online. This isn’t new, to be honest. Most of the Japanese celebrities I’ve come to admire (and yes, even those that I’ve become their silent fan) now are those that I’ve first seen in a certain drama or tokusatsu–more specifically, Super Sentai Series. You’re not an exception to that.

Because of that, I’ve ended up reading various posts and articles about you being a singer first before you tried your luck in acting. I’ve also checked out videos of you and your songs in Youtube. I have to say, you really have a great voice. I only admire a few male singers (regardless of their nationality) and you’re included on those few. So what happened next? I looked for your social media accounts in order to keep myself updated about you and your progress in your career or just about anything in your life. There was one time around May (I think) that I’ve watched your Instagram live video for the first time. That was the first time I’ve watched any Instagram live video from beginning to end. I didn’t post any comment while it was happening, though. I just watched. Thankfully, the internet connection was quite cooperative back then so I was able to watch it in full. After doing that, it just made me admire you even more.

In each episode of Kyuranger where you appeared, I can see progress in your acting skills. By the way, do you have any prior shows where you acted before? Some of the articles I’ve read wasn’t really clear about this one. The one episode where I got quite affected in your acting skills was during Kyuranger’s Episode 16. I’m sure you know what I was talking about. But because of that, I was glad when it was announced that your character in Kyuranger as Stinger/Sasori Orange will have a V-Cinema release in line to the 16th episode. I mean, it was the first time that a non-red ranger will have a V-Cinema release of the currently airing entry in the Super Sentai Series. And since it was you who appeared in it, that means I’m going to watch it.

Now that I’m re-reading this as I write it, I’m not sure if I should really call this a birthday greeting or a mere storytelling on how I actually became your silent fan. But even so, I really want to say all these. Maybe not in person (because that would be impossible). That’s why I’m doing it here. From what I can see, you’re going to have a great career ahead of you. Hopefully, it will give you a great life along the way. I’m not sure about your definition of the word “great”, though. But for me, I just want you to have fun in doing what you love to do–be it in singing or in acting, one of these days. I’m hoping that at the end of all that, or whatever happens as you go along, you won’t have any regrets.

Happy 24th birthday, Kishi Yosuke-san!

P.S.: I’m not sure if you can read and understand English, though. I’m just pushing my luck when I decided to write and post this entry here. So I’m not putting my hopes up about you being able to read this post. But if you can, and if you’d be able to come across this entry one day, my only wish for you right now is to have a great life ahead and a great career. Take it one consistent step at a time and don’t forget to look back. Okay?


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