[Random Thoughts] Entry #3

Wow! I can't believe it's the third entry already. Well, I can't seem to find my drive to write the stories that needed my attention so I ended up writing this instead. I hate it when I suffer like this, especially those times I wanted to write every story I had in mind but my... Continue Reading →


A July 20 Birthday Greeting For You!

Yes, I know this is quite late for a birthday greeting here on my blog. And it so happened that today is my father’s birthday, as well. But I’ll do a separate blog post for that later. So this is one of my ‘first things’ I’ve done in my life—greeting a celebrity here on my... Continue Reading →

[Random Thoughts] Entry #2

I know I should’ve posted the 2nd entry last Sunday. And what day is today? It’s Wednesday. So that means I haven’t posted anything in 3 days and I’m really sorry for that. Besides the fact that I ran out of topics to talk about, I’m also suffering from itchy throat and runny nose for... Continue Reading →

[Random Thoughts] Entry #1

Yes, I know. Today is a Saturday so I should be writing a Saturday Night Thoughts post. But then, I said to myself: “If I have posts here during Saturdays, I think I should also write journal posts on other days, as well.” Why not, right? Just to make things fair. I know I haven’t... Continue Reading →

Lost In Translating… Or Not

I'm not quoting the movie title here, okay? Heck, I haven't even watched that movie (Lost In Translation) so I have no idea about the story of that film. What I'm talking about here are my stories. Yes, I've started translating two of them in English (finally!). As some of you might have read on my... Continue Reading →

A Simple Birthday Greeting For You

  I don't know what to say as a birthday greeting to you. As I told in the first birthday greeting to one of your Kyuranger co-star Kishi Yosuke, this is the first time I've done such a thing. And I mean greeting an admired celebrities during their birthdays. But for some reason, I really... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Currently |18|

Honestly speaking, when was the last time I posted something like this? Man, I really need to remember that. I can't say that I miss writing a Sunday Currently post. But things are a little messed up for md right now, especially on how my life really had a slow progress over the months. There... Continue Reading →

From A Not-So-Vocal Recent Fan

Is this a weird post coming from me? For now, I don't want to say anything about the reason why I'm posting this for now. I just want to express my thoughts since I can't concentrate on what I'm writing. #DoingThisForTheFirstTime That's the truth. I've been an admirer (not a fan) of many celebrities and... Continue Reading →

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