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Finding “The One”

…and this is something that, I think, will be a very hard thing to do for me. I mean, duh? How on earth would I ever find that person whom I’m calling “the one” for me if I remain this hermit-like life I had, huh? And no, I’m not mad when I’m asking this one.

So where would that lead me? Imagination. Imagine it as if it would happen to you. Let the mind works its wonders for now until that moment finally come to you

But before we go to that, let me explain something about the reason why I’m posting something like this. Every week, #romanceclass trash (Twitter: @rmncclsstrash) would feature an author from the #romanceclass community. In case you only heard of this just now, #romanceclass is a community of Filipino authors writing English novels, most of them are set in the Philippines. If you want to check out on the books by these Fiipino authors, you can check out for the list. I’ve read some of them and they’re awesome, trust me. 😄✌😄✌

Now going back to the topic, #romanceclass trash would feature a #romanceclass author and that author’s published books for a week. Everyday, a different hashtag would be used depending on the topic that they’re going to talk about with that featured author (#SpotlightSunday, #MCMondays, #QuoteThatTuesday, #MixtapeWednesday, #LIThursdays, #FancastFriday, and #SixSentenceSaturday). Other people can join in the conversation, as well. Especially when they would post certain questions in line to the featured author’s published books.

As for me, I would join in ocassionally, and when internet connection is not driving me crazy. If you know what I mean.

What about the photo below?

Did I mention that #romanceclass trash are also hosting book giveaways every week by answering the question that they would post for that week? They were giving out one of the featured author’s book to the winner.

This question was from the time they featured Ana Tejano, author of Fall Like Rain, Keep The Faith, and It’s A Match. The price for the giveaway here was Ana’s recently released book You Could Be The One.

Image source:

For the first question, you’ll already know my answer to that. I know I haven’t found “the one” yet. I can feel it. And for some reason, I was really sure of that. Besides, do you really think a young woman who was living an al-most hermit-like life could find the person meant for her (as I mentioned above)? Of course, she wouldn’t. But that’s the truth. Social networking sites won’t even help me. In real world and in cyber world, I’m a hermit. That’s the truth.

So here’s how I answered this question as a reply in my Twitter account:

When I typed this down, I was thinking of how the main character in one of the story that I was planning to write would meet her “the one”, her love interest. And the open road that I envisioned was something similar to those I saw on Japanese and Korean dramas. Which means, I envisioned myself actually being the main character of that story meeting “the one” in one of those countries in East Asia.

Was that crazy? I don’t know. But hey, a girl can imagine. For now, I think it’s better this way. If there would come a time that reality can outdo my imaginations, I think it’s for the best.

How about you? How do you imagine finding “the one” for you?


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