Day 3 of #daretoshareIGchallenge… and I was late for posting the morning photo for the first time. I don’t know why I felt like that, though. I mean, I never cared about my time in posting photos in Instagram before. Or maybe because I was just that excited to post it, huh?

So the theme for Day 3 photos are BTS. Fun BTS, as Ms. Arriane emphasized it. But seriously, I have to admit that my life is a little boring, considering the fact that I was living an almost hermit-like life. Haha! Just kidding. I’m not a complete hermit. But I really prefer to stay at home and write, think of what to write, and think of ways to have a progress on my writing projects. But we’ll get into that later. Okay?

For Day 3 Part 1:

So here is the photo I posted featuring my not-so-fun BTS behind my works and what I usually do. Papers, pens, notebooks–that’s where my day usually revolves. I used Snapseed to overlay two photos to each other, creating this result. My phone’s camera isn’t something with high resolution but I still used it.

But not like the usual, I posted this at around 11 AM. Told you I was late in posting this.


Sorry for the late post which is the first time since I started. I have to blame the wi-fi for that. But that’s not going to stop me, so now I’m here.

So… notebook with a written list and clipped papers hanging on the wall? Yup, that’s basically my usual writing life. Notebooks, papers, and pen. Lots of them. This may not be fun to some, given that there are desktop and laptops, even tablets and smartphones. But for me, writing in paper means so much. More than just the thought I wanted to deliver, I want to become an instrument for another writer/dreamer to finally start putting those words together that will form the story he/she wanted to convey. This is how I started. And I don’t want to forget it.

The process may take slow, I know. Everything is. But it all begins that way. When you really want it, no matter how slow, it will eventualy take you farther than what you were expecting to achieve.

At least, that’s what I want to believe. What about you? How’s the journey towards reaching your dream? Can you make it until the end? I sure hope so.

#writerlife #writingjourney

My life is definitely taking quite a slow run. Sometimes, I think I’m not even meant to do this anymore. I have lots of negative thoughts in my mind a lot of times, to the point where I truly wanted to give up and disappear. But please, I’m not that ‘idiotic’, for the lack of a better word. Besides that, I don’t think God would forgive me if I decided to just end it like that. To end everything He gave me.

I just need to make a better use of this talent I have, the one He gave me. I still believe He still has something in store for me even though I don’t talk to Him that much.

For Day 3 Part 2:

For this particular photo, we were asked to post a picture that would describe or explain another aspect of what we do, what we work on. Honestly, when I first read that, I was a bit loss. Even though there was an example for that, I couldn’t easily think of a picture for that.

And then a certain story that I hope I would write soon came up in my mind. This is the result of it. Though in the end, I just decided to find photos that would give at least an insight of that story I was planning to work on.

And thank goodness! I wasn’t late in posting this.


I have been fascinated with Japan and some things Japanese since I was in high school. Though I watched Tagalized Japanese animé when I was a kid, my fascination only started when I reached high school.

And because of that fascination, some of my written works has Japanese elements to it. I just thought of sharing this one since this concerns my writing journeys (and should I add frustrations, as well?).

So… a picture of a Japanese singer/actor, an artwork with regards to the concept of reincarnation, cherry blossoms, written letters, and an open road. Where’s the Japanese element there besides the cute guy and the cherry blossoms? The story that I will soon form. I’ll post a photo about it once I’ve started “conceptualizing”, as I’d like to call it.

I was watching Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger and this guy is one of the main casts. This is the currently airing series in the Super Sentai franchise, by the way. Was it weird of me (a woman) to be watching a Japanese series meant mainly for boys? I don’t feel weird in any way at all. In fact, I even began writing my own Super Sentai story. Haha!

Going back to the topic. So he’s one of my visuals for that upcoming story. And while watching the live-action adaptation of “Orange” and “Your Lie In April”, the concept of  the whole story slowly build up in my mind. Hopefully, I’d be able to have a chance to have it approved and published once it’s done.

Still hopeful, you know.


To be honest, until now, I was still thinking. Why did I become fascinated with things Japanese, anyway? Until now, I can’t find an answer. I might not be a raving fan of the culture or somewhere along that line. But for now, I’ll let this fascination continue. Who knows where this fascination would take me, right?

Would it be bad if I imagine where will this fascination actually take me? I don’t know. I think it’s better if I go back to my writings.

Until next time!


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