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Hey, there! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all doing great today. Or if not, try to do something that will make you forget those sad or bad things that had ever happened today. Try to become an inspiration to those who can’t think of what to do to get out of that zone of sadness or gloominess.

At least, little by little, as an aspiring writer, I try to.

So what’s with the title? It’s still about the #daretoshareIGchallenge I joined to. This is the 2nd day of posting photos for that challenge. As usual, two or more photos would be posted at 9-10 am and 9-10 pm.

For Day 1 Part 1:

The theme of the photo to be posted on this particular part of the day (which was between 9-10 AM) is about something that inspired me recently. Trust me, a lot had given me inspirations lately, ranging from books to movies to TV series, even songs. But this was what I’ve posted in my IG account.



Day 2 and I’m getting a hang of it… I think. Haha! Just kidding. So… two quotes from 2 Wattpad stories (yes, I’m a not-so-active Wattpader) and a picture of the 1st podcast I ever listened to. Recently, these quotes and this podcast inspired me in forming a certain and perhaps unique love story that I want to write.

I really like the way AegyoDaydreamer (that’s the writer’s Wattpad username, btw) wrote these lines from the prologues of her stories “A Wizard’s Tale” and its spin-off “Another Wizard’s Tale”. Both are English-Filipino stories. For me, they’re worth the read.

And Ms. @itstimeana, this is my favorite out of the 10 #romanceclass podcasts posted in Youtube. Just thought I’d let you know. 👏👏😄😄

They were short compared to my last two captions, right? Well, I couldn’t think of what else to say, that’s why. If I can remember, I’ve posted an entry with regards to my thoughts about this podcast. You can read about that and there’s also an embedded video of it. You can listen to it and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did, even though it’s just an excerpt.

For Day 2 Part 2:

Well, for this part, the photo I posted was a screenshot of my two previous blog posts. You’ll know the reason why. This one was posted between 9 PM and 10 PM.



Did I mention previously that I have a blog? This is still in line with my writing journeys. Oh, right. The link was posted on my bio. You can check on it if you have time. I post random stuffs there. But most of the time, and if I have time, I post poems (both in English and Filipino), my story plans and journeys (really rough plans and trivias about my approved/published manuscripts) and book reviews (or I’d like to call it often times as book comments) about the books that I’ve read.

This IG challenge made me decide to really dedicate myself in maintaining this blog. And today, I ended up posting two entries. One talks about my first day for this IG challenge, including the one thing I discovered at the end of the day yesterday and the other is about my thoughts for this Fathers’ Day. It’s not sappy but those are my real feellings I still hide in me.

Are these worth checking out? I really hope so. We all have our random thoughts and contemplations we wanted to bravely show to the world. These are just some of mine.

Happy reading! 😄😄

Is this still in line with the blog title? For me, it does. This IG challenge really inspired me to maintain my blog as much as I can. Meeting other people in Instagram who has the same aspiration as I do, despite tackling different topics, different issues, made me want to step it up.

I hope you’d be able to do the same–be inspired to do something for yourself today. Something that you feel you can proudly show to everyone. Can you start today? I hope you can.

I’ll post my Day 3 IG photos tomorrow. Till next time!


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