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The Race And Your Pace

So, this was a post for Day 4 of the IG challenge. The second to the last day. I had fun posting most of them, even though I know I ended up posting photos with seriously long captions (or not exactly that long). Before any of you would ask, this post's title has something to… Continue reading The Race And Your Pace

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Day 3 of #daretoshareIGchallenge... and I was late for posting the morning photo for the first time. I don't know why I felt like that, though. I mean, I never cared about my time in posting photos in Instagram before. Or maybe because I was just that excited to post it, huh? So the theme… Continue reading Behind-The-Scenes

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My Thoughts This Fathers’ Day

Honestly speaking, I don't know how to start expressing my thoughts, anything that has something to do with my father. It's been a really long time since then for me. I don't have many memories about my father, with exceptions to class recognitions and graduations that he attended and went to with me and my… Continue reading My Thoughts This Fathers’ Day

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A Super Sentai Fan Fiction Plot

Okay. So since I started posting my Super Sentai story on both my Tumblr and Wattpad accounts, I decided to post this particular fanfiction featuring Seitenger and one of my favorite Super Sentai series, Kyoryuger that's been in my mind (and in my flashdrive) for a long time now. Now, I know I only posted… Continue reading A Super Sentai Fan Fiction Plot