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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Renzean Blue Rose Branch

You might be asking why I didn’t write about the eight clan of the Eight Thorned Blades and proceeded with a certain clan branch? Well, that’s the thing. The eight clan was divided into five branches, with the first four branches forming the third subgroup of the Eight Thorned Blades called Silhouette Rose. As for the fifth branch, well… I guess I’ll explain that later on.

For now, we’ll focus on the first branch of the Monceda clan known as the Renzean Blue Rose branch, named after its founder who was one of the four siblings from the 9th generation of the Monceda clan. The previous leader of the clan, Alejandro Monceda, and his heir Yrian, originated from this branch. Each branch is ruled by a branch pillar that served as support to the Monceda clan leader.

Nickname/Clan title: The Mysterious Renzean

Flower emblem: Blue rose

Subgroup: Silhouette Rose

Branch founder: Renzo Monceda

Previous branch pillar/leader: Hanson Reinhardt

Current branch pillar/leader: Nicholas Reinhardt (Hanson Reinhardt’s son)

Current active members and their activation codenames:

  1. Chezelle May Torres (Nocturnal Dagger)
  2. Yrian Monceda (Cross Sword)
  3. Kevin Carcueva (Falcon Thunder)
  4. Venice Karen Fentress (Midnight Rogue)
  5. Kayleigh Mathis (Twilight Arrow)
  6. Tiffany Torres (Blue Spider)
  7. Gavin Espersen (Guardian Beast)
  8. Michelle Recio (Imperial Phoenix)
  9. Nicholas Reinhardt (Blade Column)
  10. Nadja Reinhardt (Celestial Empress)
  11. Cassie Amrein (Icicle Glaive)
  12. Wilson Arcangel (Eclipse Divider)
  13. Yuji Hauson (Crimson Petrifier)
  14. Eloise Arcangel (Spectral Phoenix)
  15. Juris Yua Hauson (Jade Flash)
  16. Lexi Gonzaga (Twilight Eye)

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