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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Chantez Clan

So now we’re down to the 7th clan of the Eight Thorned Blades and the third of the Triad Guardians alongside Kigonia and Reozar. It was a little hard for me to determine their defining characteristics as a whole group, to be honest. I can’t think about what other clan would be similar to them. But maybe I’ll post it here next time, once I thought of it hard. Hehe!

Nickname/Clan title: The Serene Chantez

Flower emblem: Lavender

Clan founder: Seiho Chantez

Previous clan leader: Recyl Castro

Current clan leader: Lincoln Zaragossa (Recyl Castro’s nephew)

Current active members and their activation codenames: 

  1. Jaron Coronado (Wind Piercer)
  2. Kathleen Grace Ochave (Cloaked Saber)
  3. Lander Ruan (Dark Nighthawk)
  4. Norielyn Claveria (Silent Hyacinth)
  5. Trisha Rosteard (Scarlet Wrath)
  6. Irene Gail Castro (Transcendental Wind)
  7. Cedric Chantez (Trident Flash)
  8. Jediz Chantez (Shrouded Phantom)
  9. Lee Angelo Villavicosa (Phantom Flame)
  10. Elaine Ivory Villavicosa (Hollow Striker)
  11. Lincoln Zaragossa (Divine Thunder)
  12. Eula Villafuerte (Frozen Halo)
  13. Edward Ruan (Phoenix Fist)
  14. Keith Martin Sontinallo (Thunder Spear)
  15. Aston Coronado (Heaven Guard)
  16. Drexler Caguioa (Sun Stallion)

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