Nerea, The Last Princess Of Adamya

[In spite of the knowledge that Encantadia is about to air its final episode tomorrow after 10 months on the television, what you’re about to read right now is just a fanfiction I thought of for the show ever since the Mulawin Lakan (played by Alden Richards) made an appearance. It was only expanded up to this point as the story progressed. And yes, I’ll be writing it in English despite the show using English (just a small amount), Tagalog (not Filipino as this refers to the modern form of the Philippine language), and Enchan (a language exclusively conceptualized and created for the show).]

Nerea’s existence to the world of Encantadia was shrouded in mystery as only a very few people truly knew about her, especially her identity as the last princess of the Adamyan territory. She was born at the time the Kingdom of Etheria still prosper and rule. So she was considered to be as ancient as Queen Avria of Etheria and Cassiopea who was the first Queen of Lireo. Nerea was blessed by the two of the five deities of Encantadia, Emre and Haliya. But Haliya, in particular, became so fond of Nerea even though the goddess was living in Encantadia’s moon. Because of this, she gave Nerea a gift completely unique that only the two deities who blessed her and the chosen leader of the Adamyan tribe in possession of the Balintataw staff could realize Nerea’s true identity. This gift was a magical shield surrounding Nerea that would protect her from the divinations of the other two deities (Arde and Ether), making Nerea completely undetectable to those two.

One other reason why Nerea was a unique being of all the engkantado in Encantadia was because of her lineage. She was believed to be the only known engkantadawho was born with the blood of a diwataand an Adamyan. This probably made Nerea a sang’gre, as well. But the Adamyan princess doesn’t fully acknowledged this information. According to her, she prefered to take more pride of her Adamyan bloodline–or to be specific, her merfolk ancestry. According to the legend, the merfolks were believed to be the 1st Adamyans. (Well, this is just my assumption. The possibility of it actually happening in Encantadia is still debatable and definitely a big question. But I decided to just go with this for now.)

Before the land of Adamya became a territory known today for the Adamyans, it was a prosperous kingdom at first before it fell down along with the last of the royal Adamyan bloodline. Many had ruled this former kingdom. But the most revered among them was the last princess of Adamya and that was Nerea. Besides the protection that Haliya had granted to the princess, Emre also granted her the power to control the thoughts of the Mother Gem (and later, the five gems after Cassiopea separated it). Control, not possess the gem itself. But this particular ability could only be used when she felt it was the right thing to do. (The idea of particular power came up during the showing of the episodes where Queen Avria stole the Earth, Wind, and Soul Gems and Cassiopea fighting the Etherian Queen over the gems as the ancient Lirean Queen channeling her thoughts to the gems she was trying to retrieve, asking them to recognize her as their owners once more. I always find that fighting scene really great.)

But before this, there were many theories as to where Nerea disappeared to or her fate after the fall of Adamya. In reality, she resided in the mortal world after her powers presumably decided to “leave” her due to her dangerous act of vengeance. For a long, long time, she remained inconspicuously in the mortal world trying to live a normal, powerless life. As time passed, she slowly regained her lost powers upon realizing the reason why it left her before. And by the time Cassiopea was in a journey to search for new keepers of the five gems along with the six symbols (the first five symbols refer to the emblems of the five gems and the sixth symbol refers to the emblem of the Kingdom of Lireo), Nerea was given a chance to go back to Encantadia–her powers completely returned. Of course, Arde and Ether had no knowledge of the Adamyan princess’ return.

(For now, I’ll end it here. I’m still stuck on how to proceed after this, especially after the part that Nerea returns. Since this doesn’t want to leave my mind from the first time the concept came up, I think it’s better if I share this.)


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