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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Kigonia Clan

Yes, I know. I should’ve continued with the Monceda clan if I would follow their respective order. But I decided against it because it would be a long discussion when it comes to the Monceda clan. So I ended up introducing the Kigonia clan first.

In the story “The Last Sky Of The Earth” that I wrote and planned even before, the subgroup Triad Guardians didn’t exists. Meaning, the Kigonia clan has no TLSOTE counterpart. This clan, and even the Reozar and Chantez clan, are all original to TBC.

So with that, let’s start introducing the characters involving the ruling family of the Triad Guardians, the second of the four subgroups of the Eight Thorned Blades.

Nickname/Clan title: The Ardent Kigonia

Flower emblem: Blue delphinium

Subgroup: Triad Guardians

Clan founder: Janus Kigonia

Previous clan leader: Ivan Kigonia

Current clan leader: Jerico Noel Fontanilla (Ivan Kigonia’s nephew)

Current active members and their activation codenames:

  1. Ceres Galicia (Winged Blade)
  2. Hallie Lumeran (Jade Moon)
  3. Milton Castagnia (Comet Howl)
  4. Sharmyn Raymundo (Cyclone Saber)
  5. Jerico Noel Fontanilla (Wraith Breaker)
  6. Lejandro Kigonia (Storm Rider)
  7. Lara Trias (Astral Shadow)
  8. Mirian Fontanilla (Scarlet Illusion)
  9. Lilian Kigonia (Tranquil Mirage)
  10. Zephyr Raymundo (Wind Revolver)
  11. Zach Nouera (Accel Smasher)
  12. Angeline Medrano (Arcane Seeker)
  13. Jerome Castagnia (Red Rogue)
  14. Adam Lacsina (Glaive Storm)
  15. Jenny Natividad (Star Crasher)
  16. Dash Guanzon (Imperial Striker)

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