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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Reozar Clan

Yes, I’m here with another list of characters for the “Thorned Blades Chronicles” sets of romance series. This is intense. I never even thought of reaching to think these many characters for all the stories I’ve been planning to write.

Anyway, back to the real issue. So the Reozar clan is the second of the three clans within the Triad Guardians subgroup ng Eight Thorned Blades. If there would be one unique characteristic that would differentiate this clan to the others among the eight clans, hmmm… I think that would be their brutality. Hagelin clan, though also brutal in more ways than one, is actually more known for their speed and agility. The second branch of the Silhouette Rose subgroup and even the second division of the Moonlit Iris subgroup (both belonging to the Monceda clan) are known for their aggressive way of fighting and dealing with their missions.

Nickname/Clan title: The Confident Reozar

Flower emblem: Lilac Primrose

Clan founder: Lucas Reozar

Previous clan leader: Jeremiah Reozar

Current clan leader: Celine Monteros (Jeremiah Reozar’s niece)

Current active members and their activation codenames: 

  1. Celine Monteros (Moon Spear)
  2. Dwayne Rinaldi (Silver Ace)
  3. Eira Almendarez (Crimson Ice)
  4. Maika Alvez (Infernal Lotus)
  5. Raven Reozar (Hell Gazer)
  6. Riyal Gideon Monteros (Steel Lancer)
  7. Eunice Valente (Silver Cross)
  8. Jarrett Reozar (Eclipse Virus)
  9. Bridgette Reis (Lunar Haze)
  10. Randy Allegre (Thunder Wind)
  11. Simon Avencenia (Impulse Breaker)
  12. Carina Trujillo (Blue Illusion)
  13. Vaughn Rinaldi (Swift Star)
  14. Phrinze Rialande (Lunar Blade)
  15. Lorenzo Avencenia (Fire Whirlwind)
  16. Kennt Castañeda (Meteor Dagger)

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