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My Author’s Note For “Fates Of The Cloud Warriors”

Okay. So the idea about power casters actually came up while I was rewatching a Taiwanese fantasy drama titled “Angel N Devil” and also while I was watching the first episode of the Korean sequel for Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger called “Power Rangers Dino Force Brave”. I guess I have to add the fact that I was also watching Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger every week. But they were not all the catalysts I had for me to proceed writing this one. There was also the other fantasy series I’ve been planning to write for, I think, about a year now or so.

And then I thought of this: “Why not create some sort of separate stories in order for me to expand the original concept I thought about for a long time now?”

So… Well, you know what came next. This idea of writing short stories featuring power casters was born. Thanks to various name generator sites (mainly fantasynamegenerator.com and hipenpal.com) that I used to come up with the Korean and Japanese names, I was able to start writing this.

Updating this will not be done regularly as I’m also focusing on writing other stories, most of them in Filipino that I plan to submit to a publishing house for evaluation once I’m done writing them. But I’ll do my best to post an update every week, but with no specific date. Okay? By the way, before I forget, the titles in each post will feature the season number and followed by the story number and title. Each season will have twelve (12) stories. I still don’t know how many season will this collection takes. But I’ll do my best to finish this.

If you’ll notice on each upcoming updates, I will be using two POV styles. The “Thorned Blades Chronicles” has 3 sets of Filipino romance series. For the characters I created based from “For Duty And Love’s Sake” series, I will be writing their stories in 3rd person POV while for the characters based from both “Shin • Sen” series and “Blades Of The Iris” series, I will be writing the stories in 1st person POV. I hope that clears things up.

With that, I hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories here: http://my.w.tt/UiNb/btmToyec3C and https://spring-pollen.com/tagged/fates-of-the-cloud-warriors


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