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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Eremiah Clan

Okay. So now here’s the fourth clan under Eight Thorned Blades and the last clan under the subgroup Shrouded Flowers. I think the Eremiah clan was something I would call the most balanced in Shrouded Flowers if I would base it to their combat skills. That’s it.

Niickname/Clan title: The Devoted Eremiah

Flower emblem: Peruvian heliotrope

Subgroup: Shrouded Flowers

Clan founder: Raphael Eremiah

Previous clan leader: Joseph Eremiah

Current clan leader: Katrina Eremiah (Joseph Eremiah’s older niece)

Current active members and their activation codenames:

  1. Adrian Corazza (Rumble Detonator)
  2. Oliver Eremiah (Thunder Beast)
  3. Relena Gabriel (Shrouded Crescent)
  4. Samantha Eremiah (Starlight Blade)
  5. Tanya Eremiah (Illusory Autumn)
  6. Sophie Eremiah (Scarlet Saber)
  7. Clyde Eremiah (Storm Hunter)
  8. Daryll Corazza (Ocean Phantom)
  9. Riya Miano (Starlight Breaker)
  10. Katrina Eremiah (Cloud Knight)
  11. Liam Ereve (Cyclone Breaker)
  12. Mio Zellen (Rose Thorns)
  13. Renold Scorza (Phantom Striker)
  14. Rillian Gabriel (Cloaked Phantom)
  15. Ross Arziani (Arcane Wind)
  16. Kana Eremiah (Crimson Lancer)

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