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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Correia Clan

And here’s the third clan that belongs to the Eight Thorned Blades. This clan is known for their one ability in which they nurture and harness since childhood–and that would be sharpshooting. They’re the most skilled gunners out of the eight clans of the group.

Nickname/Clan title: The Elegant Correia

Flower emblem: Yellow jasmine

Subgroup: Shrouded Flowers

Clan founder: Leonard Correia

Previous clan leader: Daphne Correia-Elzea

Current clan leader: Miguel Correia (Daphne Elzea’s nephew)

Current active members and their activation codenames:

  1. Akira Hizon (Thunder Striker)
  2. Chrono Arthur Elzea (Iron Eagle)
  3. Dale Reda (Nephilim Fist)
  4. Isis Niocalsan (Dark Scythe)
  5. Maileen Correia (Silver Phantom)
  6. Tristan Arienzo (Slashing Whirlwind)
  7. Blake Carillo (Whirlwind Scythe)
  8. Julianna Marie Elzea (Wind Raven)
  9. Shari Covino (Ray Storm)
  10. Joven Harris (Plasma Lancer)
  11. Miguel Correia (Whirlwind Falcon)
  12. Ingrid Caselli (Lunar Silhouette)
  13. Natalie Arlen (Sacred Defender)
  14. Aiden Westfield (Lightning Cannon)
  15. Lyka Arienzo (Nocturnal Prism)
  16. Isabella Arlen (Frost Phantom)

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