Different Story Ideas In My Mind (All In Fantasy Genre)

…and all of them will be written in English. Well, I started with writing my very own and first Super Sentai story in English so it’s for the best that I write the second Super Sentai in the same language, right?

Honestly, I didn’t really have much of the inspiration to write a new sentai team since I haven’t written anything after Record 2 (that’s episode 2, by the way) of Seitenger. But because of a fantasy story idea that never wanted to leave my mind since a year ago, here I am, making it even harder for myself.

Anyway, these are all the fantasy stories I wanted to write, so far:

  • Utsuwa Sentai Seitenger (Vessel Squadron Seitenger) – This is my first Super Sentai story that I’ve been talking about. I posted the finished two episodes on my story-exclusive Tumblr blog snd I’m still having a hard time proceeding to write the next episode. I’ll provide the link later on.
  • Cloudbreakers – This is actually a series containing prequels telling the stories of the lives of the Cloudbreakers before Director Ra Ji Tae recruited them to become part of the agency.
  • Fates Of The Cloud Warriors – This is still a temporary title since I really don’t know what to call this particular series. But this will be a collection of short stories concerning the power casters from both Korea and Japan who participated in the war of the Cloud Dimension. With those locations said, the characters to be featured in each story will be using Korean and Japanese names depending on the country they originated.
  • Operation: Cloudbreak – This is the story where the gathered and recruited Cloudbreakers finally train and finish the centuries-old mission of eliminating the source of the weird phenomena that terrorized citizens all over Asia and had originated in Korea.
  • Kumo Sentai Jyureiger (Cloud Squadron Beast Spirit Ranger) – This is still a temporary title. I might change it depending on how the story plot will progress as I write the draft and add the characters later on. Obviously, this is the second Super Sentai story I’m talking about. I got the idea of the Beast Knight from the Kyou Kara Maoh fanfiction I’m writing (but for now, it was put on hold). That means I’d be making a Super Sentai version of that idea. The events here will happen several months after the finale of OC, which means a part of this story is connected to the history of the Cloudbreakers as it will be mentioned in FOTCW.

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