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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Hagelin Clan

So now we’re on the second out of the eight clans from the Eight Thorned Blades. I think it’s better if I do it like this, right? Everyday, I would post a list of characters featuring the clans of the Eight Thorned Blades.

Nickname/Clan title: The Blazing Hagelin

Flower emblem: Orange lily

Subgroup: Shrouded Flowers

Clan founder: Antonio Hagelin

Previous clan leader: Veronica Hagelin-Dahlgren

Current clan leader: Kenji Dahlgren (Veronica Hagelin-Dahlgren’s son)

Current active members and their activation codenames:

  1. Arisa Dahlgren (Fire Princess)
  2. Jeffrey Chase Monteza (Blitz Caliber)
  3. Helen Hagelin (Princess Blade)
  4. Andre Hagelin (Stirring Fire)
  5. Ana Lenza (Fire Flash)
  6. Rena Carol Monteza (Star Saber)
  7. Joanne Quingco (Strike Flash)
  8. Kenji Dahlgren (Iron Howl)
  9. Alexa Crozelg-Dahlgren (Blue Shadow)
  10. Raissa Galani (Piercing Smasher)
  11. Stephen Yuan (Red Dragon)
  12. Timothy Cantrell (Silent Claw)
  13. Clifford Galani (Fire Condor)
  14. Candice Verona (Relic Ice)
  15. Aphelandra Donovan (Cosmic Cross)
  16. Lorie Quivira (Golden Snow)

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