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[Thorned Blades Chronicles] Active Members Of The Terradenio Clan

Since I already started writing one of the stories under Thorned Blades Chronicles, I decided to post here the list of the active members of each clan. I’d only post the names and the codenamed for now. I’d post the character profiles later on since there are a lot of them. Hehe!

So first stop is the 1st clan and the ruling family of Shrouded Flowers, one of the Eight Thorned Blades’ four subgroups–the Terradenio clan.

Nicknames/Clan title: The Noble Terradenio

Flower emblem: Purple tulip

Subgroup: Shrouded Flowers

Clan founder: Jerico Terradenio

Previous clan leader: Erson Terradenio

Current clan leader: Heidi Iara Terradenio (Erson Terradenio’s youngest daughter)

Current active members and their activation codenames:

  1. Davi Renan Terradenio (Storm Armor)
  2. Heidi Iara Terradenio (Sky Insight)
  3. Jerry Nocella (Terrenean Knuckle)
  4. Louie Alexus Terradenio (Iris Knight)
  5. Reijiro Uehara (Fanged Striker)
  6. Aljon Ceniza (Emerald Shadow)
  7. Ethan Corella (Ethereal Sky)
  8. Jacob Nocella (Dragon Claw)
  9. Jun Ceniza (Tellurian Shadow)
  10. Emi Solano (Aerial Rave)
  11. Mari Yuiko Terradenio (Comet Knight)
  12. Renz Clinton Rialez (Silent Manthis)
  13. Zander Solano (Phantom Blaze)
  14. Lina Castillejo (Hollow Angel)
  15. Micaiah Aeraven (Transcendental Sword)
  16. Sarina Klausen (Still Thunder)

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