Different Story Ideas In My Mind (All In Fantasy Genre)

...and all of them will be written in English. Well, I started with writing my very own and first Super Sentai story in English so it's for the best that I write the second Super Sentai in the same language, right? Honestly, I didn't really have much of the inspiration to write a new sentai... Continue Reading →


What Happens During My Walk

So while I was walking going to the town (I got bored in waiting for jeepneys here), I ended up imagining scenes for "Operation: Cloudbreak" having a crossover with another Super Sentai story I'm thinking. No clear plot yet about the 2nd Super Sentai story I'm planning. But the sixth ranger of that sentai team... Continue Reading →

Sa mga nakabasa na ng “Heidi, The Sky Insight” sa Wattpad account ko (hopefully talaga, meron), sino sa mga characters na ipinakilala ko rito ang gusto n'yong sulatan ko na ng kuwento niya? Ito ‘yong mga characters na nagpakita, so far: Raiden Louie Mari Riel Cielo Deneel Tristan Zandrix Tanong ko lang naman. Hindi ko... Continue Reading →

Planning to write short stories that have these themes: fantasy-romance (happy ending, of course), fantasy love story (most endings can be quite bittersweet, if I say so myself), and fantasy-tragedy (definitely sad endings, obviously one of the leads will die). Just a change of writing pace. Gusto ko sanang subukan pati paranormal pero parang hindi... Continue Reading →

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