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Promo Blitz: “Dare To Love” by C.P. Santi


Ms. C.P., thank you for giving me a chance to read another of your books. So this will be the third one I read that you’ve written and now I could give my (not so) random thoughts about this.

This one is about the single mom Gia raised by her uncle who was a Bishop and her twin brother Nic who happened to be a priest. Let’s say that, at this part, I could relate to her minus the single mom issue. I had a grandfather who was once a priest and sometime in my childhood, he was the one who took care of me and my sisters. But that was a long time ago. Even though Gia’s going wild caused her to become a parent who had to raise her twins without the support of the guy who impregnated her, I could still say that I’m proud of her. And it extends to her family supporting her, as well. By the way, though I have little knowledge about her job as a restoration architect, I find it cool for her. Her job was still close to home since it focused on restoring churches (old churches, I might add) that nature and time had slowly deteriorated.

As for Alex, well, I can’t say much. Hehe! Just kidding. I also find him cool, but in a different way. He knew his priorities well, even though at times, he was being pushed back. Words and actions he wanted to convey alike. Well, things take time—at least I think that’s how Alex thought of certain things. I like him as someone who was open-minded with regards to certain issues. One of them was about Gia being a single mother. And in his own way, he was supporting her. I’m glad he had his own POV in the end. After reading that, it made me admire him even more. It’s not easy to find a guy like him nowadays (or I guess that’s just me thinking negatively again). I’m talking about the way he accepted Gia’s situation, especially when he finally came to love her. You can’t really judge him by his tattoos, huh?

This story made me feel as if I’ve stepped into the Spanish era because of the talk about churches ad religion. I might add the part where they went to Ilocos and Cebu. Those were few of the places that still has traces of that era. Beautiful, informative in more ways than one, and really touched reality. It’s a really lovely story, if you ask me.

Thanks again for the chance, Ms. C.P. Santi!


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